When will I hear back?

I applied to QU on November 1 and it says that everything is checked off on my admissions portal as of 12/05. When do you think I will hear back from QU about the admission decision?

I applied Nov 1st too! Everything was ready 11/28 so im assuming for us soon??

I hope so…I heard mid-December but that might be for ED only

My son applied end of October and got acceptance last week. Plus merit, it was lower than expected

My daughter got accepted today. She got the Trustee award. Waiting on financial aid award letter.

@Loki71 Congrats. Did you find out via an email, and when did she apply? My D is in MA and applied at the beginning of October but no one from her school has heard yet.

My D applies on Oct 29th. She got an e-mail that her applicant portal was updated. She was invited to apply as a priority applicant. We are in CT.

i applied in mid october and just got my acceptance over email last week. I got 25k per year (i forget the name of the scholarship). And i’m also still waiting on financial aid.

Applied Oct 28, everything checked off Nov 17, heard this morning - 3/3 program, honors invitation, merit award. We’re in NJ. Definitely in the top 2 of her choices.

We are in NJ too, Quinnipiac in the top 3. What is your daughter’s other pick? I think my daughter’s other top ones are UDel and Villanova.

Got a notification this morning! I applied 10/28 and everything checked off 11/17

Anyone apply around mid November?

My son applied 11/1 and we have not heard anything either.

My D applied 11/1, and just heard back today. So fingers crossed you hear back any day now.

My son applied to ELMPA at beginning of October and heard Monday that he got in to the Pre-PA(Health Sciences) not the entry level 6 year program.

My son applied 11/5 and checklist review completed was not done until 12/13. We’ve not heard anything yet.

My son just heard back and was accepted into the School of Communication. He applied 11/1.

Congrats on the acceptances ! Great news! My so. Applied mid nov ( I believe 11/19). Still waiting.

@Gus12345 - Good luck to your son! My son didn’t receive his financial aid package yet but heard we will after the new year. I am anxious to see how their package compares to a few of his other schools.

My son and I have not had a chance to visit the campus. Has anyone here visited and can you give us your thoughts about it?