When will I know about Financial Aid?

<p>I'm applying to Columbia College RD, and I just checked out out the deadlines for financial aid documents on the SFS website. It said the CSS and all other stuff was due March 1st (and not by the January RD deadline).</p>

<p>Do they calculate financial aid eligibility in time for RD decisions, or will they let you know if you're in, and only then announce your award (if any)?</p>

<p>For ED, they came right after the acceptance.</p>

<p>An aid estimate is provided to ED based on 2010 forms immediately after acceptance, but it won't be finalized until 2011 data is in. (So if your parents went from making 100k to 40k, don't worry...) Final FA info should probably come out right with the acceptance if you turn everything in on time, AFAIK.</p>

<p>One of the reasons it isn't due at the same time is because FAFSA doesn't even come out until January.</p>