When will merit aid be awarded?

<p>Hi there :D As of yesterday, I have been accepted into Hollins c/o 2011! I'm so excited :D It's my 2nd choice so I'm really psyched :) I know the deadline for people who wanted to apply for the Batten Scholar scholarship was about a week or two ago so I'm not expecting info right away or anything but I was wondering by when should I be notified on whether or not I'm eligible for any academic scholarships? I also submitted a creative writing scholarship application, too, just in case I didn't get the academic scholarship.</p>

<p>The details for Batten Scholar are kind of vague :/ Am I close to being a "top ranking" student? I know I'm at the higher end but I don't know what they mean by "top ranking" :/</p>

<p>Asian American from IL pursuing a double major in creative writing/poli sci.</p>

<p>GPA: UW - 3.5 (probably higher now), W - 3.9
Rank: Top 15% (130 something/900 something. I haven't received my report card detailing my rank and how many people are left in my class yet)
SAT I: 720 V, 710 W, 590 M -- 1310/2020
SAT II: 690 Lit, 670 USH
ACT: 33 E, 33 R, 26 M, 23 S -- 29 C (10 writing, 32 E/W)
AP: Lang (5), Euro (4), USH (4), Psych (5); taking Lit, Macro, Micro, and Stats</p>

<p>I figure this is a pretty numbers only process so I won't bore you with other boring details XD... do I fall short of "top ranking," in regards to Hollins definition to it? Thanks :D</p>

<p>Nevermind, I got my est. aid. It's going to be somewhere between 13-15k... oh well lol</p>

<p>Lied again lol</p>

<p>I got a letter from Hollins today. I'm invited to compete for the Batten Scholar scholarship on Feb 25th-26th. I jumped up and down and screamed like a banshee. :) If there are any current students or other young women who are attending, feel free to PM me!! I'd love to meet some of you :)</p>