When will most current students be done registering for fall semester

<p>My daughter and I are wondering when most current students will be done registering for fall semester classes. My daughter will be attending orientation on June 16-17 and she is looking at class enrollments. She is wondering when most current students will be done registering so she can plan a fairly realistic schedule for the fall based on class availability. </p>

<p>Most should be done now.</p>

<p>My registration time was Tuesday morning. Usually freshmen are on Thursday/Friday.</p>

<p>She can plan her schedule closer to her orientation time. If I’m not mistaken, there will be about two weeks of orientations before your daughter’s, so a lot of classes might get filled in that time period too.</p>

<p>They also open classes sometimes during the summer for freshmen.</p>

<p>Thanks! She’ll keep an eye out. Fortunately, there’s only 1 orientation date before hers this year–seems to be a different time frame from previous years. </p>

<p>Help me out here… The university that my older son went to works the registration where the current student body gets their classes (as noted above) first, then the freshman come in and reg; however, the kids that were accepted into a specific area get their schedule and the undecided reg for a basic class load. </p>

<p>Is it done the same way at USC? I now have some concerns!</p>

<p>My son will be attending the 3rd session and is an engineering major but he is also an NROTC kid. I’m asking because his schedule will be tough enough with adding in his NROTC classes.</p>

<p>Thank you! </p>

<p>At orientation, they will break students up by their college/major and then do have specific information session and then will meet with an advisor and register for classes. If you mean do the undecided students wait until after those that with declared major, then not necessarily. On any given orientation day, almost all majors are covered - when you look at schedule you pick a date that has your major on it. Obviously a undeclared student probably won’t be put in an engineering class but you all are competing for English sections, for instance.</p>

<p>To be most prepared, look at academic bulletin for major to see what’s required and then look at NROTC requirements and start looking at the classes available. Look to see what you absolutely have to have the first semester due to sequencing and what can wait. There are lots of sections of entry level basics…actually the harder classes to get in are upper level language or math for instance, where you are trying to get in classes that upper students have already registered for.</p>

<p>Remember you can keep checking schedule throughout summer and change to more convenient sections or get in classes with new sections. D started with math class at inconvenient time and mananged to switch to honors section she wanted with two weeks of her orientation - departments start adding seats/sections as they see need.</p>

<p>Excellent… Thank you for the feed! </p>

<p>Now all he has to do is wait for a room mate. He has emaild other kids in Capstone / engineering but nothing in the return box as of late. He is telling them where he is from (northeast) his major and that he is NROTC. I fear that the NROTC may have kids worried that they have to hear his alarm at 05:00 when he gets up for PT.</p>

<p>There is probably a webpage somewhere for USC class of 2018. Your S could try looking for another freshman NROTC kid who needs a roommate. When my S was in NROTC, his best friend/ roommate was NROTC too. It did help to be on the same( early a.m.) schedule. Re: registration…might want to check in w/ USC about how it works. After the first semester at NCSU, ROTC kids got priority registration regardless of their class year.</p>