When will my correction to my FAFSA be processed?

Hey guys, so it’s been about a day since I did my FAFSA and I needed to know when it would be processed. So I did it originally on 9/3 and it was processed on 9/4 and then I added another school on 9/5 and it was processed 9/8 and then I added another school on 9/9 and I am waiting for it to be processed by my school’s deadline of Saturday. I know I am cutting it close. I did it online and signed it online. I spoke with the financial aid department and they said as long as it gets processed they can go in an pull it same day if I call and do my aid package. Any insight would help! Thank you

Give it some time. They don’t process these things immediately.

I do have to ask…which FAFSA are you doing? If it’s for 2021-2022, that one isn’t even out yet.

Its for the 20/21 school year. I’m just impatient. I’m hoping it will be processed by tomorrow or I’ll have to wait til November to start.

I don’t understand why you are sending the 20/21 FAFSA to multiple schools right now as it would be very late in the game…is this for spring admission of 2021?


Agree. Are you just NOW applying for fall admissions to colleges?

Please explain.

What aid are you anticipating getting at this point? How much aid do you need to attend?

Fall semester has started in most places. What’s with the “wait to start until November” reference. What schools are starting in November? Most schools are sending their students home before Thanksgiving and those students will be taking exams at home.

If all you want is the $5500 Direct Loan, you will get that.

If you are entitled to any portion of the Pell Grant, you will get that.

But any other aid…even state grant aid for 2020-2021 might be gone.

It also sounds like you haven’t made a matriculation decision and really…most colleges have already started their fall term classes.

At this time of year, the FAFSA will process within a couple days. As long as you signed it & submitted it, it should complete really soon. It may not be complete yet this week, but it should be ready Monday (unless there is a processing outage scheduled for this weekend).

It sounds like OP isn’t making corrections, just adding schools. That is usually very quick.

It sounds like the OP is sending this to multiple schools which implies he has not made a matriculation decision. It also sounds like he plans to enroll this term.

Maybe he accepted more than one offer of acceptance?

This is very confusing and I hope the OP clarifies.

Hey guys it got processed. Also I am applying for fall graduate school. It starts on September 14. Thank yoi

@danithegraver so basically you are looking for Direct and Grad Plus Loans?

And you are applying to multiple schools today…that start…Monday?

Will you be a matriculated student in a grad degree program? If not, you aren’t able to get federally funded aid…IIRC.


It doesn’t matter anymore. It got processed in time. But the take away should have been my original question. I just gave the other info for background. Many schools start at many times. Grad school in particular can start whenever depending on where you are going. Oh and another term starts at the end of November. This school is only 10 weeks per class for grad students.