When will scholarship notification come through?

<p>I applied before the december 1st deadline and got accepted to SAS within 2 weeks after they received everything. This was all in December by the way, and I have yet to receive any type of notification. The folder that they sent had a paper that said to look for scholarship notification Jan-April... are they really that vague? C'mon, if i dont receive one will they at least let me know b/c it is an important deciding factor.</p>

<p>Uhh....anyone know??</p>

<p>Here is what I read in the Rutgers parents newsletter that just arrived in my email box:</p>

<p>"Academic Scholarships
Approximately 20% of the students who entered Rutgers in fall 2011 received scholarships based on their academic achievements. Scholarships ranged from $2,500 to over $24,000 a year for four years of undergraduate study. Visit our website for more information. Only students who qualify for academic scholarships are notified of their eligibility, and we have already notifed most candidates for fall 2012."</p>

<p>So they have notified most, but that doesn't mean all. You may have to wait longer before you hear anything.</p>

<p>I can tell you that people who applied after my son applied were posting on cc that they had received scholarships so I really wondered if he would get one and he did. His notification came in late December and he was accepted in mid-October.</p>

<p>I applied in September and was notified like a month ago about scholarship. My classmates who applied in December also got notified on the same day. I think we were all accepted before a certain date which is why they notified all of us on the same day.</p>