When will Students Hear About Admission Decisions?

<p>Title says it all</p>

<p>DD was sent a letter advising her she would be admitted and was going to be offered a scholarship in mid to late February. They had a scholars admit day in early March. This was not the official letter of admission but they wanted to let her know she was going to be admitted. I think they know all the other colleges were making their offers of scholarships, honor/scholars admissions and wanted to make sure they were still on the students list. She got her official offer and scholarship amount in late March. </p>

<p>I think you will hear no later then the last week of March. That is when they sent them out last year. I think they say April 1 as their deadline to advise.</p>

<p>thank you!!</p>

<p>Bumping this thread. My son has applied to SMCM but is frustrated by the lack of an Early Action process. He has visited St Mary's twice including one overnight and loves the campus, but he has already been accepted by 4 schools and will hear from 2 more this weekend.</p>

<p>Did others also receive the pre-admission notification letter last year? It will make it easier to sit back and wait for the final SMCM acceptance. Otherwise he may decide to stop waiting and go with one of his other schools (all fine choices with some good merit awards).</p>

<p>Did your son apply Early Decision 1? If he did, I am sure they will let him know by January 1st or earlier. I would call admissions in the next week or so, if you do not hear from them by then. I would check and make sure his application was early decision. </p>

<p>My dd applied regular decision and she did not have to apply by Nov 1 for scholarships back then. That part has changed since she applied. I would be greatly surprised if he does not get accepted, since he has been accepted to other colleges with merit awards. St Mary's is having problems getting male applicants to the point they are going to open another only female dorm.</p>

<p>He didn't apply ED anywhere since he doesn't really have his heart set on any one school. His applications range from SMCM to some large SEC schools. </p>

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<p>S did not get a likely letter last year from St. Mary's but he was offered admittance and and got a scholarship offer ($8K+!) at the end of March. However, he might have been considered later in the process than normal since they lost his SAT scores twice (had to send them three times). He decided to go to school locally. Dad still dreams of the waterfront there and Maryland blue crabs!</p>

<p>SMCM is still dd's #1 choice. She would be thrilled to get a likely letter in Feb, but I don't want to get her hopes up.
Mom of 3, was the scholars' admit day for the Nitze scholars program prospectives? If so, would love to hear more about that as we parents are hoping that will be offered to dd!</p>

<p>I would just like to let you know, treehuggymom, that if your daughter was offered to apply to the Nitze program, she should have received her invitation last week.</p>

<p>Thanks, allfloaton! She did receive the invite for the Nitze event & we are planning to go to the reception. We can't stay for the Scholars Day on Monday though. DD has previously attended classes & we've been on 2 tours, so I think she is okay with missing that.</p>


<p>I didn't see your post from last month. Scholars day was boring for me. That was the day my dd got to attend classes though and see first hand what the college was like. The information we got about scholarships was very vague and they just gave us a range. I do know that Nize scholars tend to get the best merit package. DD was not picked to be a Nitze Scholar so don't know that much more about Nitze other than she is glad not to have the added responsibility. She was given a St. Mary's Academic Achievement award/IB scholarship and that is why we attended Scholars day. </p>

<p>I just checked St Mary's information and the amounts have changed since dd was accepted. Good luck on the amount you get. I got a feeling that it will be around $8,500. Even with Nitze 3k, it seems they land on the that top number with the combination.</p>

<p>Mom of 3, it's true. The scholarship amounts dropped pretty dramatically between when we started looking at SMCM and when DD applied. Such is life! We are going down for the Nitze reception this weekend, but since DD has already attended a couple of classes and Monday is her birthday, we are leaving in the AM after the overnight. We have visited twice & I figure we have already heard most of what the administration will have to say.
DD is miserable about writing another essay and not sure about the Nitze program, but as it is so competitive to get in, we'll cross that bridge if she ever gets to it!
Thanks again for your input.</p>

<p>My D has applied to St Mary's and had also applied early (not early decision but by November because of wanting to be considered for a scholarship.) Her stats are good- not CC excellent, but still good. </p>

<p>She has not received any notification of a scholarship at this point. Does that mean she is unlikely to get any scholarship money at all or just not the highest level? We are in state and can afford to pay for her but we were hoping with her grades and scores (3.8; 1980) that she'd get some scholarship money as well.</p>

<p>Anyone know or have input? The waiting is very hard! She has gotten scholarship money from every other school she has applied to.</p>

<p>My S has not heard anything either. He has a 3.8 and 2100 SAT. We weren't expecting $ from SMCM but he has received aid from many OOS schools that will make attendance cheaper than staying in MD even with travel costs.</p>

<p>SMCM should consider doing EA in addition to ED and RD. S has heard from all his other choices and he has almost forgotten about SMCM.</p>

<p>I think you will hear soon about the possibility of an offer. If you get accepted(I do not see any reason not to be accepted), you should expect something for merit I would think. You both are in the range for merit. I would go to St Mary's merit/scholarship page and see exactly what is available for merit based on stats.</p>