When will textbook selections be announced?

<p>Just wondering when textbook selections will be announced?
The cornell store is still providing the summer 2010 list.</p>

<p>IIRC it was like, a week before class started? Thing is, I always wait until after the first class to decide whether or not to buy them. It's annoying but usually the list/syllabi are either out of date, or the professor decides to use another book at the last minute, etc. Also, I would say that last year, out of the 11 classes I had, I ended up using the textbook for TWO of them. And one was already d/led to Google Books. Sooooo....if you don't want to spend 900 bucks on books, I'd wait (and if you really do think you need the book, use Ebay)</p>

<p>Check this page: Get</a> Your Booklist!
Some books might be up already, but most of them will be released ~1 or 2 weeks before school starts. You can get a head start by asking the professors or maybe some people here.</p>

<p>Just to butt in again...often times a professor will be adamant about you getting the absolute newest edition of a book (aka....the one that cost 200 bucks). I remember last fall asking one professor and he said they were very different, yet when I compared them I think they maybe changed an introduction and then added a few pages to one chapter (which we skipped in class) turns out the professor helped write the book, so obviously he is going to say you have to buy the newest, priciest edition. A lot of the time though, they are essentially the same (I wouldn't do that with math or science books though).</p>

<p>Another reason to hold out....a lot of people drop classes within the first two weeks. Trust me, it sucks to buy a book from the book store way early and then not be able to return it despite not being in the class anymore.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies guys.
I want to know early because I live in Asia and can buy international edition textbooks for < US$30.
Will probably email professors...seems to be the best way.</p>

Yeah I checked that website.
But aren't the books listed there for the summer session?</p>

But aren't the books listed there for the summer session?


Yes, but not necessarily. Think how close summer session and fall semester are. It's likely that those books are going to be the same if you find them up on the web. However, it's also possible that your classes may not use the same books :) since the profs who are teaching the classes in the summer may not be the same as the profs who are going to teach the classes in the fall.</p>

<p>just know that you cant sell international versions back to the cornell store</p>

<p>The</a> Cornell Store for Faculty</p>

<p>Click on "Course History" and you can find the books that were used in any previous iteration of the class.</p>

<p>They used to let you check the textbook verification forms, but they stopped when they realized people were buying them online early instead of at the Cornell store.</p>

<p>Colleges</a> Are Now Required To List Textbooks During Class Registration - The Consumerist
New law makes them put them up during registration now. Srrinath dropped the linkage in an earlier thread:
<a href="http://booklist.cbs.cornell.edu/textbooks/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://booklist.cbs.cornell.edu/textbooks/&lt;/a>
I've only been googling for a few minutes and I could save some big $$$ online.</p>

<p>that is great news about the textbooks. Should save everybody substantial amounts of money. It is about time.</p>

<p>One should generally be acquiring the most recent edition of a book, no?</p>

<p>one should see which edition the professor wants you to get... malan89's link <a href="http://booklist.cbs.cornell.edu/textbooks/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://booklist.cbs.cornell.edu/textbooks/&lt;/a>. check the isbn.</p>

<p>one reason a professor might prefer an older edition as opposed to a new edition is that they are more accustomed to it and they have notes tailored to it.</p>