When will the August 28th SAT scores come out?

Anybody else who still didn’t receive their scores?

Many, many people on r/SAT reporting no scores. As noted above, there are some every test cycle.

Same here.test taken in a private school in PA

Any updates?

Has anyone received any scores this morning? We are still waiting.

No scores yet as 9/13 am. Many of the students at my daughter’s school have received their scores, but some have not yet.

Many students on r/SAT are reporting scores received today (mostly international). Some report that scores have not been received.

Score receipt timing will likely resemble a half-normal distribution curve. Many of those emailing will come out soon, but some will linger.

(We’re probably at about 2 or 3)

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Monday 9/13/2021. 7pm EDT. We are in maryland. No results yet


I called the collegeboard and opened a case. Got standard answer that we will get back to you in 5-7 business days. Only thing which may be different with my daughters case with the rest is - my daughter took the test with accomodation. However I dont know if it matters

9/16/2021. 2.30pm EDT. No results yet. Is anyone in the same boat ?

Hi did you hear back from college board ?

Same here. Mine still shows the August 28 test as “upcoming” and “registered.”

no, I called and they said we should get the scores within 10 days. I’m not sure what is going on.

I called and they said that they sent my account to the “escalation team” to investigate why my scores are delayed. I have no idea what that means, but as far as I know, I still don’t have my scores.

It’s now been a week. So if you still don’t have scores, you might contact CB.

Be aware that there appears to be at least one widespread test integrity investigation, indicating a 3 week delay, at minimum. (Pakistan, I think.)

I wrote my test in Canada.

HI, do you know what the “escalation team” does? And do they actually help with getting my scores? Thank you!

They’ll actually look up your record, see the internal status, what is preventing a score from being issued, and let you know.

Several students have found that they entered a wrong school code, identifier, etc., etc., which can be easily fixed. Others find they are part of an integrity investigation and either provided an invalid email or missed something routed to a spam folder.

Most scores that aren’t available are in a queue somewhere and will eventually be processed/resolved. Calling in can get someone to pull your specific record out of wherever in the queue it may be and deal with it right away.

Oh okay! Thank you for the detailed reply!