When will the August 28th SAT scores come out?

I’m on EST, and I’ve been checking my college board since midnight as it said the scores would be out September 10th, but they’re still not. Does anyone know what time they will come out?

From Collegeboard ‘s Twitter feed

August SAT score release reminders:
Some students will be able to see their scores online by 8 am Eastern Time.

Most remaining students typically see their scores no later than 8 pm ET.

You’ll receive an email when your scores are available.”

Their website says “scores pending” - it will come within a week. That’s a significant hold up!

It doesn’t say that from what I see:

August 2021 SAT

  • September 10: Score reports will be available to students.
  • Within the following week: Educators begin to download data files and run reports in the score reporting portal.

Also getting the pending message - 11:00 EST (or are we EDT? Can never remember which is which at any point in the year). Anyway east coast. Glad it’s not just us.

Same here. I am in Maryland and checking since midnight. Scores havent come out yet.

Same here. Is the holdup for juniors?

Scores for texas test takers came out today morning

Nope mine’s a senior. Sounds like they are released throughout the day.

Mine is Senior. At 2pm Eastern time, scores are not out yet.

I called the College Board and they said that a large number of people took the SAT’s on 8/28. They are randomly releasing scores (not by State) and if you don’t see it today, it could take up to a week.

D22 said all her friends who took at a local (not theirs) larger public school got their scores back; those who took it at the smaller private school, in the same town, don’t have them back yet (her own school did not offer it). Her test start was also delayed by two hours due to computer issues checking the kids in - obviously we made the wrong choice of location! But shows that they are not releasing by state or even by region/county.

Released in California

D22’s score just came out (4:30 EST). Good score, but just shy of what she was hoping for. She is relieved to be done with standardized testing though.

They come our throughout the day. Someone reported theirs at 6:30, I saw my daughter’s once at 7:15, and the last reports typically come in around 8p, all EDT.

(The claims that they come in two batches, or three batches, or at 4pm, or at 8am and 8pm, have been proven wrong but continue to propagate”).

Any statements that “I’m from xxx and just got my score” means nothing to other students in xxx. Same with “high scores come out later in the day” or any other statements attempting to assign patterns based on a sample size of 0.001% of scores.

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It is 8pm eastern time . Results are still not showing . Is anyone in the same boat ?


Yes. We are in PA. my son’s friends received their scores a few minutes ago, but his have not yet arrived. I spoke to someone at CB around five today, and they said we would receive an email saying the scores were posted. So far, no email and no scores on the CB site.

We’re in CA. My daughter got her scores around 1:00 pacific (4 ET). A friend from the same school got hers this morning.

Do be aware that there is always a small percentage of scores that are delayed. They flow in over the coming days/weeks and there’s never an explanation as to why. But with hundreds of thousands of tests from around the world, it’s not surprising that a few get sidetracked.

If you call CB, they just tell you to wait. They won’t open a case to investigate for at least a week to ten days.

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