When will tuition bill be available?

<p>I looked all over howdy trying to find the amount of DS's fall tuition, but no luck. Am I just too early? When will it be there?</p>

<p>SBS</a> at Texas A&M - Division of Finance
Statements for Fall 2011 will be available online beginning August 6, 2011.
Fall 2011 Payment in Full Due Date</p>

<pre><code>* If you chose to pay your tuition and fees in full:
Tuition and fees due in full by 5:00 PM on August 24, 2011

<p>Fall 2011 Installment Due Dates</p>

<pre><code>* If you enrolled in the installment plan:
o 1st payment due by 5:00 PM on August 24, 2011
o 2nd payment due by 5:00 PM on September 21, 2011
o 3rd payment due by 5:00 PM on October 21, 2011
o 4th payment due by 5:00 PM on November 14, 2011

<p>Installment Plans can be added through 5:00 pm on September 23, 2011 </p>

<p>if you receive scholarship and aids, per Howdy, disbursement date beginning of Aug 20, 2011</p>

<p>Note: Do not pay by credit card, it will incur 2.25% fee. Pay by e-check, it is free.</p>

<p>Pay Tuition and Fees (Per Div of Finance and Student Services)</p>

<p>Payments can be made online. Students can view their account and make online payments using E-Checks, American Express, Discover Card or MasterCard by selecting "Pay Bill/Manage Account" on the My Finances tab in the Howdy portal. Payments made with credit cards will incur a convenience fee charged at the time of payment. Payments made with credit cards will incur a 2.25% convenience fee minimum charge of $3.00. Additional forms of payment accepted include: Cash, personal check, cashiers check, money order and wire transfer. (Please Note: Once online payment transaction has occurred, the Convenience Fee is non-refundable).</p>

<p>Note: On the Howdy, the last date to enroll in the 4 installment plan for continuing student (probably the same for new students) is 8/23/11 and not 9/23/11 as stated on the finance web site. It will make sense, since the 1st installment due is 8/24/11. There is a $15 fee to set up the account and you can set up automatic payment from the checking or saving.</p>

<p>my daughters tuition was put up on Saturday, all scholarships show posted and her Texas tomorrow fund has paid as well. We are good to go (;</p>

<p>Yes..got my email and then a text. I was pretty happy but then I remembered that DS1 said he still hadn't added his meal plan. He'll be eating lunch on campus so he just needs the smallest one so hopefully not too expensive. Oh well...he did get a small scholarhip from the ChemE dept...that was a nice surprise.</p>

<p>Do not pay your bill until after Aug 20, 2011, that is when the scholarships and aid suppose to reimburse. Obviously pay before the due date either full or installment by Aug 24, 2011. If you decide to enroll in the installment plan, the scholarships (at least for current student) is not factor in the 4 payment amount prior pre-reimbursement.<br>
Another note: If you add or delete courses after Aug 1st, make sure it is also posted in timely manner. Sometime those courses have other fees and the accounting will change.<br>
We made a mistakes of paying before the reimbursement once, and some how having added fee post payment. The U charge us late fee for that tiny amount. A few years ago, the howdy was not set up that well and it was poor in notified of the new bill to parents. Perhaps now the new Howdy will not happen. We fought with finance department back and forth and eventually it was removed. It was an unpleasant experience and we do not wish anybody have to go through. So, don't make the mistakes we did. Wait till a clean final bill!</p>

<p>If my balance due is negative, my financial aid and scholarships are greater than my cost for the semester, do I still need to pay the bill or am I already covered?</p>

<p>If your balance is a negative, that is money that will be refunded to you. You have no balance due to the school.</p>

<p>Set up an e-account so the refund can readily deposit. It is the fastest and safest way.</p>

<p>Mailed my son's payment and then just found another $86 charge, so I guess they are still adding in adjustments on housing, at least for Mosher. Then, found an email saying they would still being adding dorm costs through August 10th.</p>

<p>I heard the additional dorm costs will be between $100 to $200 added to the bill on or after August 10th.</p>

<p>I just check the howdy, as of 8/9/11 today, 4 line items were added. So, if you pay already, keep checking and make sure you pay the rest by due date. The U will not hesitates to slap late fees on those tiny amount. If you have not add the spot pass, meal plan do it soon. Meal plan + taxes will be added to the bill. The past few years, usually post scholarship / aid disbursement the bill are finalize unless the student forget to add meal plan and spot etc themselves.</p>