When will we get our decisions?

<p>I was wondering when will the college give out its decision for Regular Pool?</p>

<p>I got mine several days ago.</p>

<p>They mailed out decisions on the 19th according to the Rhodes blog. Here's the link: <a href="http://connect.rhodes.edu/blog/2008/03/21/admissions-decision-letters-mailed/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://connect.rhodes.edu/blog/2008/03/21/admissions-decision-letters-mailed/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Assuming from your location, you're from Nepal, so the mail will probably take a couple of weeks to get there. I would try calling and perhaps they will give you your admissions decision over the phone, although doubtful.</p>

<p>Did you get in prankity?</p>

<p>Yes I did :). They are mailing out finaid within the next two weeks, so I hope I get a nice package or else Rhodes won't be a likely possibility because of cost. How about yourself? The Rhodes forum is pretty much dead so it's a relief to see someone else considering Rhodes.</p>

<p>Man that is great to hear :) Well, I'm a junior, but Rhodes is definitelyly my number one. Cost is a big deal for me as well. Although my family is well-off, my sister is right behind me. What were your stats? I've been trying to look around on the forums for people who applied to Rhodes this year but I haven't had much luck!</p>

<p>I got my letter too.
And i live in AZ (if that helps at all) :)</p>

<p>Ah this is so cool seeing all ya'll get accepted! Hopefully we will all see each other their in the incoming years!</p>