When Will we know Housing?

<p>Does anyone know the date where they will start releasing room assignments for Fall Berkeley 2014 admits?</p>

<p>well technically you won't know your exact room number until you arrive on move in day. You will know the type and general location (e.g. Unit x, maybe also yyy hall). </p>

<p>Although in past years through foul-ups they sometimes displayed a bit too much and people could figure out at least the working room assignment they had.</p>

<p>...does that mean we don't even know who our room-mates are until move-in day?</p>

<p>If you all authorized that your name be sent to the other roommates, you will find that out ahead of time and can begin communicating. Helps to work out agreements - who might bring a television or toaster, etc.</p>

<p>do you know around when we'll figure out who our room-mates are?</p>

<p>Late July / early August</p>