When will we know?

<p>From some CCers, I heard either Tuesday or Wednesday. From others, it's Thursday-Saturday. When will we know if we get in Princeton?</p>

<p>Tuesday or Wednesday is the day they will send the letters, I do not know when you will receive it, depends on where you live.</p>

<p>I live in Virginia.</p>

<p>2 days after they send it, I assume, maybe 1</p>


<p>I might breakdown and call them on the 15th, at school during my free period...because, you know, I love public humiliation and want to appear in my next class bawling.</p>

<p>We can call them to see if we get in or not?</p>

<p>Yes on the 15th. I got an email saying that we could. Just don't curse em out over the phone if you get a differal. I think that merits a chance of zero in the RD round</p>

<p>I think I will wait for the mail- I don't think I can handle rejection on the phone. The rejection letter is more personal and comforting than "You're rejected. Bye. <em>Hang up</em>"</p>

<p><em>snicker snicker</em>
I wonder if they actually keep track of the reactions? Blah blah blah was very polite, extra points! Blah blah blah HUNG UP! NEGATIVE POINTS...</p>

<p><em>starts writing a script</em></p>

<p>That'd be awesome....</p>

<p>Why thank you sir for this kind and generous differal</p>

<p>20 points extra...nice</p>