When would be a good date to take my SATs?

<p>Im a junior. I was planning on taking it in May. But all of my friends are taking it sooner, now I don't know.</p>

<p>Take it when you are ready and prepared to. Unless you also need to take subject tests, it doesn't really matter as a junior (since college application deadlines are a long way to go).
I took my first in March, subject tests in June, and second time in October. Taking it in May is perfectly fine.</p>

<p>IMO i would agree with ^^.
It would be best to take the test when you feel that you are sufficiently ready.
I would recommend taking it at a time when the SAT doesn't overlap with other academics such as finals or AP tests.
You shouldn't care that your friends are taking the SAT sooner than you are, as I think it is worth it to wait the few months and get your highest score possible rather than taking it at the same time as your friends.</p>

<p>My friends took theirs in october and got 2250+ :$
honestly, i am jealous :P</p>

<p>for me, I'm taking it this January, and if I feel that i can do better, I'm going to take the March test right after, so i can superscore (hopefully). Im scoring 2250~2350 right now but still trying to improve :)</p>

<p>Whatever your choice is, what I think matters the most is your confidence in your score. Do you think you can do your best right now? Or do you think you can improve?
Good Luck :)</p>

<p>Oh my gosh. Thank you guys sooooo much.</p>