Where are all the posts?

Does it seem to anyone else that there is not nearly the activity on this board that there used to be in years past? Maybe some of the “old timers” can chime in. Is it because of all the popular Facebook groups like musical theatre moms, etc and other chat boards on social media have replace the Confidential board? Where is the activity? There must be other alternatives people are using. Someone asked me about this very thing yesterday and I was left scratching my head. Maybe getacceptd also is providing information that is useful.

@Notmath1 ,agreed 100%.
my only thought is that there has been so much emphasis on starting early & so much emphasis on a wide net that everyone is knee deep in essays and applications.

just a hunch but i agree with your observation.hope the conversation picks up in the class of 24 at least

End of summer is typically pretty quiet. Should pick up soon!

i just like seeing @lovetoact stay active :slight_smile:

First post here–seems people aren’t updating much on CC but this was my first resource to help DD figure out how to begin the MT application process. Anybody else in TSU prescreen mania right now?

Additionally, we have been more active on facebook for college application groups. Not sure if others are doing the same.