Where are our test booklets!!!

<p>see title.......</p>

<p>For which test?</p>

<p>For the APUSH test, are the DBQs and Essays located in the MC Booklet also? Or are there two seperate booklets, DBQ Essays , and a MC Booklet?</p>

<p>the essays are in a seperate booklet (at least it was like that in euro)</p>

<p>we actually got back teh essay booklet a few wks after the ap.</p>

<p>march sat afsdasdfsfsf</p>

<p>you gotta order them via question and answer service- they take a full 5 months to arrive after ordering :(</p>

<p>they told me 6 weeks after the test, and i ordered it when i signed up</p>