Where are you applying for film school?

Wondering who’s applying to film production programs? It’s so tough these days to get in and so expensive, would love to congratulate others on their acceptances when they come in and commiserate together if we have to.

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I’m applying/have applied to some film production programs! Some UC’s, Chapman, Emerson, Loyola Marymount, etc. Where are you applying, if you don’t mind me asking.


We went through the process last year with S21. Just remember there are many paths to being in film. Film school is just one option and it’s no guarantee. Always work on your portfolio. Volunteer for everything. Apply for everything.

S21 didn’t want the west coast. NYU cost too much. Loved Emerson but didn’t get enough scholarship money. Syracuse, DePaul, SCAD, UNCSA, Penn State and Florida State were on his list. DePaul and SCAD were very nice offers. I thought SCAD because Atlanta is hot for film. He loved the facilities at both.

He didn’t get into FSU film but got the tuition waiver, Honors program and digital media. He’s attending now. He helps on sets for film students and is loving it.

Good luck.

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My d22 is going thru the process now. She applied so far to Syracuse, Hofstra and Stevenson. She was looking at more, but as she researched she thought schools with stronger communication departments were better fit for her.

She has already been accepted to Stevenson and is a finalist for the full scholarship. She should hear back from the other 2 this week.

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all the same schools plus Pratt, SCAD, CalArts. Are you in CA?

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Nah, I’m in AZ. You in CA?

Applied to DePaul, Penn State, Ithaca so far. In at DePaul and PSU, and waiting on Ithaca.

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My son is waitlisted at FSU film. It is his top choice. We are discussing now if he should still attend FSU under a different film major and reapply to CMPA next year. Do you happen to know if they reapply next year and get in, does it extend their time at FSU since it is a 3 year major? Also wondering if he would have a better shot of getting into FSU CMPA next year if he is a transfer in from Chapman (as opposed to Film studies at FSU).
Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!!

I’m pretty sure first year is completing gen-ed requirements for everyone so transferring from different major should still keep it 4 years total.

I wouldn’t go to FSU for another major and hope to transfer into film. It’s a long shot. They might only have 2 or 3 slots or none and it’s very competitive. I don’t think it would matter where he tries to transfer from. It’s all about your story and portfolio.

My son accepted digital media because he liked the program and the school. He did apply for a transfer to the film school this year. He won’t know until summer but odds are slim and he’s OK with that.

Also, digital media is a competitive program. 50/50 you get accepted after sophomore year. Something else to consider. If my son doesn’t get film transfer or digital media then I have no idea what he’ll major in.

If your son’s passion is film and he has other options with direct admission to film school I would think twice before trying the roundabout way to FSU. Maybe he’ll get off the waitlist? Good luck.

So if I understand correctly, even if my son were to major in digital media or Flim studies at FSU for fall, he would have to apply to get in for those majors. We are praying he gets off the waitlist, but are aware the chances are slim.

Digital Media is limited access. Not sure about film studies. I would really think about moving on if your son is set on film. Not having direct admit is risky. Hopefully he gets off the waitlist.

Thank you so much for this information. It is very much appreciated!!. He was accepted to Chapman, LMU and UT (so far). But really wants FSU. I guess we will anxiously wait, :grimacing::crossed_fingers: :pray:
Wishing your son all the best!

That’s a very nice list. Especially with direct admission.

One of my son’s friends from a HS film internship is at LMU and is happy. Another from summer camp is at UT.

There are no bad choices on your list.

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My student is trying to make a final decision - film production cinematography emphasis.

She would like to hear from a current film student at Northwestern. She is also considering Emerson. Her visit to UofT at Austin was very underwhelming, and that is looking less likely.

Any parents or students or recent grads who would like to express opinions please do so.

Northwestern is a great option!

wow…its great this good and best for future

We have read some concerning things from as recent as two years ago about students not able to take essential film courses and having limited access to film equipment at Northwestern. Students as a group seem a bit less serious about film? Can anyone in this program now comment?!

My student is deciding between:

Emerson Honors College
Boston University Honors College
U of Texas at Austin Honors College (did not like campus/feel)

Student has not heard back from Wesleyan which is the other program being considered.

We would love comments from parents and students about the schools and the film programs. Student has to choose soon and is feeling overwhelmed.

Northwestern is a great school. It’s hard to tell what the environment & moral was 2 years ago with covid across all colleges. Overall we really like their reputation and contacts for after college careers. Boston University is also awesome! Congrats on some great acceptances.

Wesleyan is suppose to release decisions today.

Northwestern yes
Wesleyan wtg
Loyola LA yes
Syracuse wtg
Boston No
NYU wtg

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Oh thank you. I did not know Wesleyan released today.

My own student rejected USC, waitlisted Chapman (and you basically don’t ever get off that list) and we assume will be rejected NYU.

So just trying to figure out now how to weigh school quality overall, film department quality, and campus life/feel. Very difficult.

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I just realized your student is still waiting for Syracuse. Mine applied to Newhouse and got in with $15,000 merit. But perhaps a yours applied for BFA option?

Which way is your student leaning? These choices are all so different.