Where can a friend park for the night?

<p>I know that UCLA offers "daily parking passes" for 10 bucks, but don't these expire at like 9 am the following morning? My friend wants to get here at 8pm and stay here until 4 pm the following day. Where could he park? It's fine if he parks far and we have to walk.</p>

<p>if he gets here at around 8 pm he has a slight chance of finding parking along gayley in between the de neve dorming parking structure and the frat houses (the side street closest to the dorms has street cleaning thursday at 8 am and the side street closest to the frat houses has street cleaning on friday at 8 am)</p>

<p>if he's down to walk, he can find parking a long veteran</p>

<p>FYI -- The daily parking permits expire at 6AM. </p>

<p>My personal recommendation is that your friend look for parking on the west side of Veteran Avenue, between Weyburn and Montana/Gayley. You should be fine so long as you avoid street cleaning days (Thursday and Friday).</p>

<p>He can park in a lot and pay</p>

<p>binks: What was the point of your answer? My question was "where can he park?".</p>