Where can I apply? Need help!

Hi, I’m a rising senior and I’m having trouble narrowing down a list of colleges to apply to. I’m going to need significant merit aid, so that has to be taken into account. Here are my stats:

GPA: 4.0 UW (4.4 W)
SAT: 2100 (Just took again in June-but with the whole test error who knows how that is going to turn out. I know this is kinda low…)
ACT: Taking on June 13… Expecting it to be in the 30’s
SAT II: 740 in US History, going to take Math I and Biology hopefully those scores will be in the 700s as well
Top 3% of my class
I’ve taken all AP Classes available to me and I go to a rigorous Texas high school. 10 AP’s total, 5’s on all so far
State: TX
Gender: F
Hooks: Hispanic, so URM? Fluent in Spanish
Hoping to major in biology

My Senior Course Load is all AP’s

Interned at a library
Volunteered about 100 hours at a local Humane Society
Volunteered 50 hours at a Nursing Home
72 volunteer hours for school
Started my own tutoring program
Member of the Spirit Club
Founder of a Book Club
(Treasurer) of French Club
Member of NHS for 3 years now
Yearbook (Business Manager, Junior Editor, and Editor in Chief)
Science Club Member
Student Council (Secretary)
Varsity Cheerleader (CoCaptain)
I’ve won several academic awards and I’ve had several essays published in various literary magazines.
I know my essays will be good (probably 9-10/10)

I’ve done some other extracurriculars but for the purpose of staying anonymous I’ll leave those out. Thanks in advance for your help…I just really need some advice! I’m pretty much OK with any region, although I’d like to go out of state.