Where can I get Food?

<p>So I was wondering where the kids who didn't go home for thanksgiving could find some vittles to satiate their hunger. thank you!</p>

<p>PS: What I mean is are there any food shops open and if so which ones?</p>

<p>shoulda stocked up…i don’t know of anything close that is open.</p>

<p>^yeah I really should have. damn. Well thanks batman!</p>

<p>Time to go on a grocery shopping. Safeway should be open tomorrow.</p>

<p>Not that you’ve missed much. Frozen dinners…sigh…</p>

<p>lol are you just not going to eat today D?</p>

<p>safeway is open on thanksgiving…</p>

<p>I found some restaurants near the Asian Ghetto that were open. When I saw that open sign, I couldn’t have been more thankful today lol!</p>