Where can I get in?

<p>SATs: 740 V 740 M
SAT IIs: 750 Writing, 730 Bio (M), 720 Math IIC
GPA: 3.913 Weighted (but classes I took in 7-9 grade count; I only have 2 B final grades since 10th Grade, which is when High School starts)
Top 6% of class, but class doesn't officially rank
AP Classes: 11th Grade-Calculus AB (4 on exam), Biology (5), US History (4), English Language (4). Got a 4 on the SPanish Language, but didn't take class.
12th Grade-Physics B, US Government, Comparative Government and Politics, English Literature, SPanish Literature</p>

<p>EC: 1 Year Cross-Country (9th Grade)
4 Years Crew (Coxswain)
4 Years Newspaper (Senior Staff Writer Junior and Senior Year)
2 Years "It's Academic!" Team, a quiz bowl show (Alternate, 11th and 12th)</p>

<p>Community Service: 120 Hours as counselor at summer camp
100 Hours building a volunteer firehouse in Peru
85 Hours building a fitness trail in Nowheresville, Alaska
About 30-35 Hours tutoring in school Math Center</p>

<p>Awards and such: Citywide History Fair (11th Grade)
National Merit Commended Scholar
Some type of AP scholar (not sure which)
Other Notes: Going to get good teacher recs, good essay. I am white, but go to public school with only 18% white population. </p>

<p>My real reach is Brown, going to apply to Michigan, Wisconsin, William and Mary, Tufts, maybe Wash U. and Northwestern. Where else can I get in? Thanks</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I'm also in the National Honor Society, and I live in DC.</p>