Where can I get more practice?

<p>I took the tests in the CB blue book (the one with 10 tests or however many). So now I'm looking for suggestions of</p>

<p>-Where I can get legit CB tests that are old
-Which review books have the most realistic tests, really in math (CR/W don't matter)</p>


<p>You can get more tests from the CB online course. The older ones that were published before the SAT was changed prob aren't worth taking anymore, because they apparently made a lot of changes.</p>

<p>11 Practice Tests is a great book...those tests are closest to the real ones in my experience.</p>

<p>How many tests are available (new version) if I sign up for their course? Thanks again</p>

<p>Six tests.
Try also Mcgraw Hill's 12 tests (Math tests of this book are much more difficult than actual tests)after online tests.</p>

<p>What is the best book/prep material that will give me the most realistic assesment of my SAT scores before I take them? Is the Bluebook good? Barrons? Kaplan? Also, after you take the SAT's, do you guys get to keep the test booklets?</p>

<p>PR's 11 tests...</p>

The Blue Book would give you the most realistic questions as it is written by the same organization that does the SAT tests.
No, you don't get to take anything out of the test centre that you didn't walk in with.</p>

<p>No, PR 11 is NOT good. Its reading is horrible.
Blue Book or Online tests are good.
To raise scores, Barron's 2400, Kaplan 2400, and Mcgraw Hill's 12 are good.</p>