Where can I get the UM shirt?

<p>As an incoming freshman, I wanna show my school spirit before the orientation begins. Where can I get the UM shirt around Coral Gables? I've looked around publix and couldn't find one =[</p>

<p>The UM bookstore has a ton. Or the target down at dadeland has some. Or, if you go from UM's entrance towards the baseball stadium on Ponce, go just past that, and past Titanic, the next store on your right will be called AllCanes. They have a ton of UM merchandise. Be sure to tell them you're a student, because you get a discount. Bring your acceptance letter as proof, because usually they ask for a student ID.</p>

<p>I know you want one before orientation, but if you wait you can get one for really cheap. They always have a shirt they sell at orientation to the parents and new students. Last year it was only $3.00!!! They sell them at the begining of the year to all students and you can buy them at the University Center info desk.</p>