Where can I go to college?

<p>Hey guys, I'm a bit nervous about college. I was severely depressed in both ninth and tenth grade (I mean, I still am, but it has lessened) to the point where it affected my work. I failed two classes in tenth grade. And just regular classes too. My average managed to stay at like an 86, though. I had one AP class in tenth grade, and I got a four on the test.</p>

<p>So, assuming I get 4.0 for both eleventh and twelfth grade (which I will):</p>

<p>Final UW GPA: 3.6-3.7
Final W GPA: 4.1-4.2
SAT Score: Haven't taken it yet
Extracurriculars: Speech and Debate team, school newspaper, piano, school choir, church choir, ballroom dancing lessons
Volunteer work: Volunteered for a local man running for Congress, also did this thing to raise money for starving folks, run the cameras at my church</p>

<p>As you can see, I think it's up to my SAT score. Say I get a 2100. What doors would that open? Say I get a 2200. What doors would that open?</p>

<p>Help. I'm not going to use my depression and stuff as an excuse (although I do have official documents stating I have social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Mood Disorder NOS, I was on medication for a LONG time, and was in the hospital twice for attempted suicide. I also have an eating disorder) unless I absolutely have to. I guess I should tell them, so it will explain my failings. I'm taking a college course right now in polisci, so maybe if I do great in there it will help...?</p>

<p>What do you want a degree in?
Private or Public?
Big or Small?
Big City or Small Town?
What state do you reside in?</p>

<p>^Start out by asking questions like that. What do you like/don't like in a school...make sure to have back up schools. Should be easy.</p>

<p>Don't mention all of those problems on ur app...i think it might hurt you.</p>

<p>You could mention that you were having some problems but don't be too specific.</p>

<p>Also, PRACTICE this summer. Buy a blue book and practice, practice, practice :)</p>

<p>Your stats seem decent enough if you can get ur SAT/ACT scores higher :)</p>

<p>Try to get good recs & pour out your soul into your essays :)</p>

<p>Good luck. :)</p>

<p>So do you think I could still get into a reputable school?</p>

<p>I'm interested mainly in political science.
I would like to go to a private school.
I would like it to be small.
I would like it to be in a small town.
I'm in New York, but I'm willing to consider any schools that are in the Northeast.</p>

<p>What can your family afford?</p>

<p>I agree that you should make no mention of depression, OCD or any other mental disorder in college applications. It will hurt, not help.</p>

<p>Pellilo, start with about #13 on this list to about #50</p>

<p>Rankings</a> - Political Science - Graduate Schools - Education - US News and World Report</p>

<p>You clearly have the ability to get into a reputable school. Fill in the applications honestly, but you do not have to offer information that is not solicited. You should probably apply to one or more of your state schools as well as private schools that interest you. It might also help to apply to some schools that you can commute to, because if your problems do come into consideration, it would be much less of a concern than if you were living far from home in a dorm.</p>

<p>Add to this:
SAT II World History 750</p>

<p>Could I get into William and Mary?</p>

<p>Can anyone help?</p>

<p>Listen to John Adams. Look at his list.</p>