Where can I go?

<p>I was wondering if anyone could help narrow down my search and really give me a match/reach list for these following colleges with my stats.
gpa3.0 unweighted
sat 1380, second pending
Sat2s next month
Top public school in the nation(rated by wall st. journal)
Lennox Hill Hospital Volunteer(10th-11th grade)
9th grade - Go Club, Students for Free Tibet
10th - Juggling club(sounds hilarious)
11th-Math Team(Started B team a couple of times), Ping pong club
12th- Math Team (Im not a starter)
awards-National Latin Exam (maxima cum laude 2001-2003)
Case Western
University of Maryland</p>

<p>First quarter report card(Senior Year)
Ap Comp sci B
ap stat B
ap Calc AB B
ap Logic and Composition A-
International Relations B+( =( )(College level, if it maters)</p>

<p>All courses have been honors.</p>

<p>What sat2s should I take(which ones are required by the schools listed above)?
Can you guys also talk about student life at these places
Thanks for your help</p>

<p>I'm applying to lehigh and it doesn't require SAT IIs.</p>