Where Can I Paint?

<p>Incoming freshman here. I’m an avid painter, and I would like to paint whenever I feel like it.</p>

<p>Problem is, my medium of choice is oil paint. I’m concerned about where I can go work on my paintings whenever I want to, and I’m not so sure if my roommate would like the smell of linseed oil lingering in our room. Is it possible to get a small studio space that I can access at most hours (if not all)? Would a residential hall allow me to set up an easel in one of the common areas?</p>

<p>Note: I may or may not choose visual arts as a concentration, if that affects my ability to get studio space.</p>

<p>hey temeraire, i paint with oils too! i was wondering the same thing. i think they do have studio space, but you might need to be a visual arts concentrator. are you planning on taking classes at RISD too?</p>

<p>Yep, I'm planning to take a few classes at RISD (though I've heard they're intense haha). I think I'll cover advanced foundations and intro sculpture at Brown, and then take some more specialized classes at RISD. Do you know which RISD classes are available to Brown students though?</p>

<p>My D has just finished her first year and has declared VA as her concentration. She absolutely loves the department and spent virtually all of her time in the Art Building, called List. She didn't take painting (printmaking for her), so I don't know anything about where you might paint. I do know, though, that taking any studio classes at either Brown or RISD requires the VA 10 or VA 11 foundation class first. That one is hard to get into. VA 10 is for the general population and enrollment is decided by lottery during the first week, just before classes. You can enroll in the lottery when pre-registration opens, I think. However, during the summer you might get a letter from the VA department, if you have indicated in your application that you are interested in Visual Arts. That letter will tell you about VA 11, which is a juried advanced foundation class. That means that you will submit your portfolio to the department, also just before classes begin, and if they like your work you will be invited to join this advanced class. Competition is pretty intense for about 17 spots. My D was in this class last year first semester and really loved it. If you don't get this VA 11 letter, I would guess you can check it all out at the VA Department's office. As I said, either of these two studio foundations is the gateway for all other studio classes. </p>

<p>Taking classes at RISD is a great opportunity. You have to go through a process in order to enroll, and the process is on the schools' web sites. I don't want to mislead you at all, so I won't tell you anything about that. I do know that they are intense and sometimes the scheduling is difficult to juggle because the semesters are different and the timing during the semesters is different. Check them out, though.</p>

<p>Yes, I received that letter from the visual arts department regarding the portfolio-based placement a while ago. But only 17 spots?? Wow, that is pretty intense (and a rather arbitrary number). </p>

<p>Better shine and polish my portfolio this summer haha....</p>

<p>And I probably should call RISD to see how cross-registering will work this year.</p>

<p>i have arrived on the scene. fear no more</p>

<p>all classes at risd are in theory available to brown students, i just depends on the teacher, the department,and the number of opens spots. RISD kids always get priority. </p>

<p>As for a place to just go paint, you won't have one. Sorry. But it's like that basically everywhere. To use the (very nice) painting studio, you have to be in a class or affiliated with the department and sneak in. Or I guess you could just sneak in and not be an art concentrator but I forsee that being harder. </p>

<p>VA10 is easy to get into. Just show up the first day, even if you didn't get in the lottery. They save spots for people who do that and often stretch the enrollment limit. You just have to be presistent</p>

<p>About the painting / doing art any time, if it's any consolation, i'm trying to start a craft center to allow just that. having a bit of luck!</p>

<p>so, the solution to your problem is to open the windows and take over the lounge of your dorm until someone complains.</p>

<p>Thanks for the information, ClaySoul! It's nice to see people actively supporting the arts. I hope Brown will give a nod towards your request for a craft center. Until then, I guess I'll just take your suggestion of using the lounges until someone files a complaint haha.</p>

<p>Funny, though, how I met a few students at Harvard (during their admit visiting weekend) who have been trying hard for months to open some all-purpose studio space for everyone too. So much for that endowment. :P</p>

<p>I was wandering around Brown one day, went through a creepy set of stairs in List, and found a big room where people kept their oil art in semi-walled off spaces. Are these the studios that you're talking about ClaySoul?</p>

<p>Because those were really nice.</p>

<p>that's the painting studio, yes. apparently it's nicer than risd's. risd has pretty old facilities in some departments despite being spectacular. </p>

<p>oh, and guys, fwiw, there's going to be a small fully equipped pottery studio at brown this fall for a select few students doing a GISP (group independent study project). spread the word. get jealous. tell the administration you want in too. i'm hoping it will expand! in the meantime, i have a feeling experienced people will be able to sneak in ;)</p>

<p>funny Brown doesn't have that when my little low budget community college did. i guess when you can't spring for the expensive science equipment you go for buying clay.</p>

<p>it's not funny actually, it's remarkably common. most state schools or community colleges have ceramics programs or craft centers. it's like that in my town, too. that's part of the reason i so stress a craft center here. it would set us apart.</p>

<p>Risd has new a newer painting department. Each student get their own studio space.</p>

<p>not dissing, i'm just going off of what my risd roommate told me, maybe she hasnt' seen the new department. I throw up my hands on this one, i don't paint.</p>