where can i play basketball?

<p>I want a basketball hoop all to myself, preferably indoors. Where do I go? Paid membership to a gym, free albeit crowded recreational centers, whatever is necessary. I live in NYC. I really want to play!</p>

<p>put one in your house! if you have the $, which i dont</p>

<p>I got to a local YMCA. It isn't very expensive and it is nicee</p>

<p>^It gets crowded, no? And don't they share hoops? I really want a hoop by myself. Anyone know any specific places or schools where I can shoot around in NYC?</p>

<p>Idk my Y has two gyms. They usually assign one for games and one for shooting. So I never have a problem</p>

<p>on a basketball court silly.</p>

<p>^if you are referring to outdoor ones, then they are usually occupied since i live in NYC.</p>

<p>@crazybandit: yeah, plus you dont want to get mugged by all the black people at the courts</p>

<p>no racial
YouTube</a> - No Racial! (the new "No Homo")</p>

<p>i love no racial.</p>

<p>Come on guys! This issue is long unresolved. Are there any GYMS out there with generally open basketball courts?</p>

<p>go to queens play wit da homiez in da hood brah</p>

<p>how do you know this about me</p>