Where can I transfer?What's my target?

<p>Nice to meet you guys! I am an international student of Macalester College.Enter the college as a freshmen this fall. It is a bit early to say where I can transfer for the path in Mac has not rolled out yet,but still,I hope you guys can give some advice.</p>

<p>Mac is good.It provides decent scholarship which accounts for nearly half of the tuition.But, disappointingly,the rest expenses spent at Mac are still a burden for my parent.So,this is one of my reasons I wanna transfer.</p>

<p>The other reason is about prestige.I probably won't go to graduate school,so the fact I may face when I hunt for a job is that the degree of Mac is somewhat useless as somebody told me.Friends around me go to UCLA,NYU,Caltech and so forth which are more well-known.Prestige is the factor my family consider heavily.</p>

<p>I did not make my full college-application preparation because of some factors,so,as you can feel, I want to apply colleges I really want to go to.</p>

<p>Below are my stat:</p>

<p>HS: rank 5 out of 125
HS:President of English Club
Internship at LG in Korea
Diplomat of HS:welcome foreign guests...........
President of School Department
Work experience at local international hotel
and so forth</p>

<p>College: Plan to set up my father's business </p>

<p>I am more ready to transfer as a junior because tansferring as a sophomore I think is dangerous for me.Two years' preparation will surely make me stronger.</p>

<p>Would you recommend some schools for me?</p>


<p>Come on,guys..</p>

<p>any advice..</p>


<p>Any advice?ALL WELCOMED!!!</p>

<p>Since your SATs are relatively low for Columbia and Penn, I wouldn't expect to get in (I don't know your GPA), especially since your reason for transfering is pretty bad. You're going to have to come up with a better one if you want these schools to even consider you. Think about it: EVERYONE applies because of the prestige.</p>

<p>Also, you haven't even gone to Macalester yet, and I don't know who you've been talking to, but Mac is regarded as a very good school.</p>

<p>As an international transfer student, the chance of transferring to a more prestigious school with financial aid is slim. You will have to do some research which schools are need blind (and meet full need) for international transfers. I doubt there are many, and admission to those schools is even more competitive for transfers, than it is for freshmen. Merit aid is also much more limited for transfers. </p>

<p>NYU offers terrible financial aid to just about everyone. UCLA is a state school, so any financial aid will be going to California residents. UCLA is expensive for out out of state students: Fees</a>, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions A state school like UNC might be cheaper than privates.</p>