Where could this high school junior find good financial aid?

<p>State residence: Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
SAT (from soph yr, will retake): Reading 590 / Math 640 combined: 1230
UW GPA: Close to 4.0
APs: US History
Math track: on track for Calculus senior year
Sciences: Honors Chemistry, Physics, Biology - taking second year of Chemistry but it is not designated AP</p>

<p>Working class family (income similar to policeman)
Enthusiastic recommendations</p>

<p>Assume garden variety ECs</p>

<p>Potentially interested in engineering, perhaps bio-engineering</p>

<p>Here are some schools I would like to suggest - which of them offer stellar financial aid?</p>

<p>Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Poytechnic Institute
Clark University

<p>Maybe some of these - Allegheny, Clarkson, Syracuse, Washington & Jefferson, Ursinus, Waynesburg</p>

<p>Financial aid more important than size etc, so any suggestions in regard to schools within a day's drive of northern Pennsylvania are welcome.</p>