Where did you meet your friends in college?

<p>So there's like a billion threads on CC about people complaining about how they don't have any friends, and since the beginning of the school year is coming up soon, I'm sure we'll get a lot more of these posts. So I thought it might be interesting/helpful to post about how we met our friends?</p>

<p>For me, I met a lot of my friends during orientation. My school had a pre-orientation program where I met a lot of people, and during orientation events, it was just easy to meet up with them, and then that carried on to the school year.</p>

<p>And then I met most of my other friends from classes. We would just get together to work on homework or study for tests, and from there it was kind of natural to just get together for lunch or something and start hanging out.</p>

<p>Besides that, there's just people I've met as friends of friends. I never really met anyone through clubs, which is like the standard advice on CC, since most of the clubs I've joined, I've joined partly because a lot of my friends were in it.</p>

<p>I met some friends through orientation, but I met a lot more from honors program and my dorm. I've gotten a lot of friends through choir and my GLO.</p>

<p>Most through my dorm, many through friends of friends, and a few from classes (as in we got together to do stuff other than homework). It's really not that hard to make friends, especially if you live on campus. I also didn't make any friends through clubs. Hell, I only went to a few meetings for a few clubs at the beginning of the year last year before deciding they weren't worth it.</p>

<p>I met one of my best friends through my sorority. I didn't really click with anyone else in the sorority but her, and then I made a lot of friends through her friends.</p>

<p>I made another close friend in a class, and then she introduced me to her friend who is now one of my best friends. I know a lot of people through them as well.</p>

<p>I'm going to be a freshman... I only made 1 good friend during orientation. But our orientation was only 3 days (2 nights) so we had limited time.</p>

<p>I'm assuming I'm going to make friends during orientation next week, and then our classes start the following Monday.</p>

<p>man I wish i'd lived in the *<strong><em>ing dorms, *</em></strong></p>

<p>I met a lot of my best friends at orientation. We stayed together through it and had a good time. Later on I met a lot of people through friends of friends in the dorms and randomly at parties. I have a bunch of friends in my classes but we do not really hang out outside of class. We more of study together. </p>

<p>I don't think I have met anyone through a club either, but I am not very involved in the clubs at my school. I know a few people though that have made a ton of friends through clubs, so it is good to get involved.</p>

<p>I met a cute chick during orientation ( that "relationship" crashed and burned) and I met a lot of cool people who lived in the same hall as me last year so we'll see if anything happens from it this year. I met a couple people through my roommate and I made a lot of friends through my fraternity.</p>

<p>i'm planning on transfer after this fall semester,</p>

<p>which is basically middle of the year.</p>

<p>i'm kind of afraid it would be hard to make friends since people probably had already made new friends during fall semester......</p>

<p>Clubs aren't that effective in my experience.</p>

<p>i made friends during orientation then i never hung out with any of them again.
i met most of my friends at parties and/or at various smoke spots. a few in class (very few, but i want to change this next year)
the rest of my friends i met in my dorm, but i never really got too close to them. right now my two closest circles of friends are these guys i'm living with (we all smoke a lot of weed and cook/eat a lot of food together) and these girls i hang out with a lot (we party/rave/smoke/rage together)
it's a good situation. :D
find people you can rage with, relax with, and just talk to. meet a lot of people so you can filter out the bad ones. if you're an incoming freshman don't worry about cultivating super deep relationships; you will have time to do that later. just meet a lot of people.
fyi i'm entering my 3rd year</p>

<p>i have a question.....</p>

<p>do u guys make new friends after freshman yr or mostly just in freshman yr?</p>

<p>I've made friends quite evenly throughout my years. While some of them come and go, the ones I've been closest to are from:</p>

<p>1.) My fraternity: there's new friends with every pledge class.</p>

<p>2.) Classes: namely in small courses or through group/partner projects.</p>

<p>3.) Hackathons: when you have a bunch of people who are interested in the exact same things doing just that overnight, you tend to bond, even if you compete.</p>

<p>4.) Involvement on campus: clubs, activities, community service, etc.</p>

<p>5.) Work: I work at a startup, and the environment is very relaxed.</p>

<p>The idea is that there's new friends to be made where's interaction. You may only bond with a small percentage of them, but assuming you do enough, you will have a good amount of friends.</p>

<p>I made a ton of friends freshmen year, but have added on more since. A lot of the people I wasn't close with tended to drift away, but overall we've been close.</p>

<p>Dorm, classes, fraternity (sophomore year).</p>

i have a question.....</p>

<p>do u guys make new friends after freshman yr or mostly just in freshman yr?


well of course most of my friends were made in freshman year, but i still met people afterwards. mostly through other friends or in class, though. i didn't really meet random people sophomore year like i did freshman year.</p>

<p>Most of 'em through the dorms, a few through classes & clubs.
Freshman year simply sucked to hell because I had to live off-campus in an apartment and didn't get to meet anyone really. Dormed sophomore year and it's pretty much the easiest way to meet people.</p>

<p>I'd say I made 3 solid friends last year. One was during Orientation and the other 2 were girls I met in different classes. 1 of the girls just said hi to me the first day of class when I sat down next to her. We talked and I continued to sit next to her for the rest of the semester. She's now one of my best friends. The other girl asked me one day the week before a test if I wanted to study with her (Not exaggerating when I say I was the best person in the class and everyone knew it). I said yes and we continued to talk and study together for the rest of the semester.</p>

<p>You want to make friends? Then interact with people. That's the key. Don't be afraid to start up a conversation with that cutr girl sitting next to you on the first day of class. Don't be afraid to ask a few classmates if they want to form a study group so you can all help eachother do better on that test. And when you get anyones phone number or have them on facebook, invite them out on a friday night if you don't have any big plans. Just maybe get a group together and just chill on campus somewhere or go see some really popular movie. You have to be willing to put yourself out there.</p>

<p>Its been my experience that the people who make a lot of friends really quickly are the people who get most involved with the school. Volunterring, Clubs, Studen Government, etc.</p>

<p>All of my closest friends are those in the same major, since we're such a small department. I've met a lot of people through my friends, as well as living in a large co-op house last year. Funnily enough, didn't really make any friends from the dorms since I barely spent any time there.</p>