Where do Chicago students hang out online?

<p>Chicago's FML site is dead (and has always been dead). reddit.com/r/uchicago is also dead. Where else?</p>

<p>There are Facebook groups for various organizations, classes, etc. that are popular. Each class has one massive Class of _____ Facebook group that is fairly active, especially before school starts. There's also an Overheard At UChicago group that is hilarious -- just random snippets of conversation that people overhear. </p>

<p>I think in general UChicago students, well, don't hang out online. I mean, we're on campus together. It's pretty simple to text some people to hang out in person or just have dinner at the dining halls with them. Online socializing is only necessary when the real thing is unavailable...</p>

<p>Ah I see. Just wondering - are the people at each of the halls segregated from each other? Do you have to be a resident of the hall to enter a hall?</p>

<p>I just got in UChicago as a grad student, but I'd like to hang out a bit with the undergrads too (especially since I basically had zero social life at my old institution [I went to a commuter school as an early entrance student too], so I'd like to see what it is to have some sort of social life for once).</p>

<p>You do need to be friends with someone in a hall to enter into one - they'll sign you in at the desk. I think the best way to connect with undergraduate students is to go to events. There are all kinds of things going on on campus all the time, for the entire community: Events</a> Calendar | The University of Chicago</p>