Where do freshmen generally live?

<p>Are there particular dorms with a higher percentage of freshmen? (Apart from the freshmen-only dorms). I'm guessing it will be easier to make friends there...</p>

<p>Also, are there some dorms with fewer freshmen?</p>

<p>If you know specifically...what about PARC, ISRC (West Fairchild), Willard, 1835 Hinman, North and South mid quads?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! :)</p>

<p>Is it that there are no "particular" places where freshmen live? </p>

<p>...so that the percentage of freshmen in every building is almost the same? (except for the freshmen-only buildings, which will obviously be 100% freshmen)?</p>

<p>I'm talking about both Residential Colleges and non-Residential Colleges.</p>

<p>THANKS! :)</p>

<p>Residential Colleges tend to have at least half or more freshman because the easiest way to get into them is through the freshman housing application essay. To enter as upperclassmen you need to attend the res colleges events for a year, which can be difficult. Plus by the time most res college residents are sophomores, juniors, or seniors they move out, so most res colleges are half freshman half upperclassmen. Most Residential halls have more than half freshman/sophomores as well mostly due to the reason of upperclassmen moving out to live in apts etc. Some, like Foster-Walker, or Foster House with singles may have more upperclassmen. However, a lot of these dorms are closed off to freshman so basically the dorms you are allowed to apply to will all have a decent sized amount of freshman.</p>

<p>The NU alum from my high school (whose mother works at the school, so I've heard A LOT about NU these past months...) lived in Willard and he could not say enough about it. He ADORED it and apparently he was a fabulous place to make friends. I would say if you're looking to make a quick group of friends, go for a larger multithematic Res College like Willard or Shepard. They'll have people who want the close knit environment but have a huge range of interests. Res colleges seem to be all about getting to know one another, and have build in meet-and-greet/activities like firesides, parties, lasting traditions, etc. Not to say you won't meet these things in res halls, but it just seems res colleges are a bit more naturally close knit.</p>

<p>All 5 dorms I put on my housing application were res colleges. If you've got a particular interest that you'd love to share, definitely see if there is a res college to fit your taste - I'm really into TV/film, for instance, so CRC was #1 on my list.</p>

<p>And, like aabbcc1789 said, they'll naturally have a lot of freshmen/sophomores, because (this is just what I sense, not certain it's face) most res college people tend to form a good enough group to move into off-campus housing with their friends.</p>

<p>Thanks aabbcc1789 and Perididdle!</p>