Where do Harvard students come from??

<p>"A</a> nearly definitive list of the high schools that produced the Harvard class of 2012"
-02138, an independent magazine for Harvard almuni</p>

<p>Westlake and Austin High sent kids last year?! LAME. Oh well, my school sent a kid...three years ago. Heh.</p>

<p>My high school has NEVER sent out a kid to HARVARD or ANY IVY</p>

<p>I think because each graduating class is a very small one (400), we don't have that many APs (4 classes only) and honors program</p>

<p>however, we do have one of our alumni in HARVARD AS A PROFESOR
she's a professor of History.</p>

<p>And graduated about 10 years ago.</p>

<p>Mine hasn't either. We have 70 in our graduating class. They just started teaching a few AP classes. I took one and they used a NYS regents book to teach it. After that I was advised not to take the AP classes at my high school because they just started and the teaching foundation was really shaky. So I have been taking college classes instead.</p>

<p>It sucks when u come from a small school and/or with few honors/AP programs</p>

<p>the highest GPA here was 4.2 and highest SAT 2200</p>

<p>Yeah, my school isn't that competitive.</p>

<p>We had a few kids go Ivy years back. I figured the best thing I could do was take college classes. Nothing is offered here. The only EC's are sports and the 3 clubs that we have. It does suck.</p>

<p>Lulz, none from our school. There's only ONE student who went in like.. a 50 mile radius. Or more. o_o
We've sent people to Princeton, Columbia, MIT.. but.. no H, I don't think.</p>

<p>We have a Harvard alum too; she's an English teacher. Poor woman gets cornered every year. =P</p>

<p>My school is rickety; generally about 7-10 Ivy/Stanford/MIT acceptances every year and about 20 top LAC admits as well. And then there's about 50 or so who go to Texas State and 50 who go to North Texas. And a bunch of other schools in between combine to make up a class of about 470. :)</p>

<p>My New England high school has about 700-760 kids each year, and for the past two years we have sent 1 to Harvard and 2ish to Cornell. (1 to Penn and 1 to Brown two years ago).</p>

<p>I doubt anyone at my school's ever gone to Harvard. Someone went to Stanford once, and someone went to MIT once, but those were both over 15 years ago.</p>

<p>Last year 2 kids from my school got into Yale, 1 into MIT (and a few others to Brown and Dartmouth, but who cares about them right?). I'm the first to get into Stanford in seven years. We've sent 2 to Harvard in the past four years. There are two kids in my class who got somewhat inexplicably deferred from Yale but will probably end up in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or MIT.</p>

<p>I don't think anyone's ever gone to harvard from my school. One from yale about 5 years ago, and then nada. We send a lot to like Duke, Northwestern, WashU, and whatnot, but not so much Ivy's.</p>

<p>B Supreme, were you accepted EA at Stanford? What kind of numbers did you have for tests, GPA and ECs? Are you considering any other schools, or is Stanford THE ONE!</p>

<p>I don't think my school's sent anyone to Harvard, at least not recently. We send a couple to Cornell a year, and two people have gotten into Brown in four years but they're brother and sister. We barely get into Georgetown.</p>

<p>Yay 2 from my school went to Harvard!</p>

<p>In my huge school (3000 kids) we've only ever sent one to H, and that was 9~ years ago. None to Princeton, two recently to Yale, one to Dartmouth, one to Caltech, and none anywhere else.</p>

<p>We had two last year. Of course the New York column is overflowing...I counted over 15 Westchester schools (Westchester had a 13% acceptance rate and another 17% waitlisted) Our school has had every Ivy in the last five years except Dartmouth I think... One kid was accepted but went to Harvard.</p>

<p>We had 28 accepted last year, but only 23 went.</p>

<p>Let me guess - Boston Latin? :)</p>

<p>Yep. :)
I think Harvard would be considered the "easiest" ivy to get into for us, all the other ivys seem to hate us. lol.</p>