where do i have the most chance to get in?

<p>I'm planning on applying to either Hopkins, Rice, or Northwestern as an ED school; all for biomedical enginnering and bioengineering for Rice; which school do i have the best shot at getting in, which would be a big reach/hard to get in?</p>

<p>GPA is alright- un-weighted- 91.1%
weighted- 93.97%
GPA has shown a slight upward trend in weighted GPA from freshman to junior years
Fresh- 91.14 un-weight
91.79 weight (took only one honor class)
Soph- 90.57 un-weight (really bad in one class-honors french)
93.76 weight
Junior- 91.33 un-weight
97.43 weight</p>

<p>school doesnt rank so dont have rank/percentile </p>

<p>SAT- 2100 (760 math, 680CR, 660 writing)- take again in oct. to get CR and writing to 700's</p>

<p>ACT- 28 (wont send unless school requests all scores)</p>

<p>SAT II's- 800- Bio M
730- Math 2
770- World history</p>

<p>Decent EC's- V. Football for 3 years, possible captain senior year
V. Track
Mock Trial
Chem. Club</p>

<p>Have taken 4 AP's, will end up having taken 10 AP's
Soph- AP World His. -5</p>

<p>Junior- AP Bio.
AP. English Lang.
AP AMerican His.</p>

<p>Senior- AP Chem.
AP Phys. B
AP English Lit.
AP Latin
AP Calc AB
AP Macro</p>

<p>will get one great Rec. one so-so rec.
prob decent essay</p>

<p>also asian if that factors into it</p>

<p>any input is greatly apreciated</p>


<p>I think all three of those schools are reaches for you, mainly because your stats are good, but not exceptional and your ECs aren't that great. If you're applying for BME especially, I would have some math/science related activities which you really don't. Hopkins is definitely going to be the biggest reach, and Rice and Northwestern are pretty equal.</p>

<p>i do some volunteer work at a hospital in my area, is that a boost for the EC category? because in regard to the math/science related EC all we have is chem club in my school and math honor society which im in, but its a joke so i didnt even mention it. i also opted out of doing the intel research class because in my school the dropout/project failure rate is about 50% because nobody finds a good mentor to help with reseach so i didnt bother with it, even though we usually have one or two semi-finalists</p>


<p>the thing you have to realize about schools like hopkins, rice, and northwestern is that all of their admissions process is somewhat of a crapshoot. a lot of it is based on luck and really soft factors like essays and interviews. that's where you want to make your biggest impression.</p>

<p>search out local alumni or the interviewer in your area and start to get in contact with them EARLY and often. this will make a big impact. if you have been in contact with them for a couple months, it will tremendously help when they write the interviewer recommendation as opposed to if you had just spent 30 minutes with them. </p>

<p>the thing to remember with schools like the three you have suggested is that they are reaches for everyone. all the other applicants will have similar stats and relatively similar EC involvement. you need to make an impression on the adcom and that will require more than just filling out an app. </p>

<p>hope that helped!</p>


<p>Sorry, but you definitely wouldn't get into Hopkins for biomed.</p>

<p>Very slim chances for the other two as well.</p>

<p>how are you sure i def. wouldnt get in? i know kids who have had similar scores to me and got into it given it was about 3-4 years ago</p>

<p>you should look at Purdue</p>

<p>what if i just went for bio? would the chances be better?</p>

<p>Bio-anything at Hopkins is as competitive as you can possibly imagine. Your SAT is a little low by any top school's standards, and the program you're looking at for JHU is much tougher.</p>

<p>Can't speak so much for Rice and Northwestern, although they're also top schools and I can tell you your SAT is low for both of them as well.</p>

<p>A 91% GPA isn't fantastic, either.</p>

<p>w.e college admissions is a crapshoot like some1 previously said, i know a kid who got a 2050 and was accepted to rice ED so i mean who knows</p>

<p>I don't claim to be all-knowing. People with lower credentials have gotten in, but most haven't. Statistically, you're not very likely to get into any of those three schools. That's all I'm saying.</p>

<p>I did very well in high school. I didn't get into Hopkins and I didn't even apply for the biomedical program there. Plus my SAT's were 800 math (40 higher than you), 680CR, and 720 (60 higher than you).</p>

<p>You shouldn't take the "it's a crapshoot, I'll just apply and hopefully get into one" approach. If all of the schools you're looking at are on this level, you should aim slightly lower.</p>