Where do I stand a better chance of being accepted ED? Yale or Wharton?

<p>I realize the chances of getting into either of these schools is ridiculously low but in terms of early decision where do I stand a "better" shot with my current stats. I really like both schools and would be ecstatic to get into either one, I am trying to figure out where to apply early decision but am torn between the two.</p>

<p>Here is my profile if you want to call it that,</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Race: Indian
GPA: Projected 4.61 W, unweighted 4.0 (end of 1st semester senior year)
Rank: 3 or 4/596</p>

<p>SAT I: 2270 ( 770 CR, 700 M, 800 W) will take again to get up that math score
SAT II: Signed up for June exams in US hist. Biology, and Math II. Shooting for 760+ in all of them</p>

Toughest courses with the following AP's</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
AP Chemistry: 5
AP European History: 5
AP French Language: 3</p>

<p>Junior year:
AP Calculus BC
AP US History
AP Biology
AP English Language and Composition</p>

<p>Senior year:
AP English Lit.
AP Studio Art
AP Psychology
AP US Government
AP Computer Science
*Second Year Calculus</p>

<p>Research: As part of the Academy I am in I am doing a research project involving the Stock Market, developing a risk minimizing set of equations.</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p>Debate Team (4 years) Captain 2 years, Regional Finalist, 4th place in districts (09), 2nd place districts (10), various top 5 finishes in Local debate league tournaments. Does it matter that I am not competing at a national level?</p>

<p>Theater (4 years) Acting and Light Crew (2nd in district, 2nd in region, 8th in state for a one act play)</p>

<p>Scholastic Bowl (3 years) captain 1 year (district and regional champions)</p>

<p>National Honor Society (1 year, only allowed for seniors) Running for president, I think I can win.</p>

<p>Other ECs:</p>

<p>Football JV (2 years)-does JV make it weaker, i mean it was still a huge time commitment of 3+ hours a day and in the summer.
Varsity Tennis (2 years)
French Honor Society
Operation Smile</p>

<p>Comm. Service:
Volunteer for the summer reading program at library (50 hours)
Volunteering at an aquarium. (50-100 hours)</p>

<p>Work Exp.</p>

<p>Founded a clothing company, design and selling t-shirts, I think it is pretty unique</p>

<p>Worked as a graphic Designer for a local ad company one summer.</p>

<p>Will have an internship at a investment group over the summer</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>the third bump bump</p>

<p>Math (700 SAT etc) seems to be (relatively speaking) a weakness for you. I'd recommend Yale for ED.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>With current stats I would not try either. I would wait to up scores before applying.</p>

<p>With a 750 plus math score they'll still be tough, but I'd try Whaton as ED is still a boost there, but EA will not help at Yale.</p>

<p>Fyi, the 75th percentile scores at Yale, where the unhooked ORM wants to be, are 790 in each section. It's not broken out for Wharton but it's probably close. And you'll find the majority of the admitted class at both were top 2 in their high school class.</p>

<p>EA at Yale does help. Everybody from my school who's applied to Yale EA has been accepted while people who've applied RD have almost always (only one exception) been rejected.</p>

<p>Even Andover and Exeter could not begin to explain the above, do you go to school on Mars?</p>

<p>You clearly have a passion in business, but your test scores are weak. Pull SAT math 750+ and get an 800 on SAT II Math II. That'll give you a fair shot at both schools.</p>

<p>I don't really think you need an 800 on the SAT Math II to get accepted to Yale. I had a 700 on the Math II and a 680 in the regular SAT.
Then again, I'm not Indian, and I didn't want to go into business. </p>

<p>Obviously this wouldn't help you at Wharton, but I posit a query: could you aim your application towards a possible arts major? To me, a guy who designs t-shirts, does theater lighting and has done ad work is way more interesting than a guy who wants to go into a nebulous sort of 'business'. Very few people have these kind of extracurriculars. Also, as a potential arts major, your math scores really wouldn't matter that much. Or, as an alternative, perhaps you might express an interest in business that aided rather than exploited the interests of artists. Some kind of art angle would make your application stand out, at least to me.</p>

<p>@Redroses: I go to an extremely prestigious international school (not on the level of Andover though) where AT LEAST three students every year are offered admission by Yale. However, only those that apply restrictive EA, get in. It's really weird but that's how it's been for ages now!!!</p>


<p>Ok... what's your hook? (and you must have had one with a 680)</p>

<p>dj, there is no restrictive EA at Yale. Your statement was that everyone from your school that applies EA gets in. That's what I was questioning. The kids who Yale excepts EA will be recruited athletes, legacies, children of the wealthy and powerrful and very top, accomplished students. The average applicant does not have a better chance applying EA.</p>

<p>@Redroses- I think you meant to address that to PrincetonDreams? </p>

<p>@Soze- I'm unhooked. Not a URM, not a recruited athlete, not a legacy. My SATs weren't bad; I had a 2280 with 800s in reading and writing. My ACT was 35 with a 33 in math. I'm just not that good at math (despite being president of our Mu Alpha Theta, haha), and my school has a notoriously bad math program. Oh, and I applied to Yale RD, in case TheWikiMan is wondering.</p>

<p>I think you have a fair shot at both, and besides SAT Math everything you have is above perfect</p>