Where do I stand (so far)? Any suggestions?

<p>Hey! I am going to be a sophmore in high school in New York. Here is what I have done so far: - 4.0 GPA (although this has only been one year of high school so there is nothing super impressive about that)
-The most advanced classes my school offers
-Model UN club (will be the secretary of this club next year)
-Key Club (Freshman representative)
-Student Board of Finance (A student government position held for four years by only one person per grade; active treasurer of my school; rigorous application process in which i competed with 16 other very capable students)
-JV Volleyball
-Student Government member
-Spent 35 hours interning with a cardiologist
-90 hours of community service this summer
And now what I will be doing (as I plan so far):</p>

<p>-JV Crew along with volleyball
-Science research program in which i will be in real labs doing real research, part of a university in high school program
-managing a T shirt printing company (in the process of being established right now)
-Becoming an EMT
-Becoming president of MUN and Key Club
-Plan on trying my hardest to maintain my GPA even in more advanced classes
-And I am thinking of establishing a new club or student organization however I'm not sure what yet (any suggestions on this would be great)</p>

<p>So...what else do you guys find essential for somebody like me to throw on my list and where do you think I stand as far as colleges and competitiveness...?</p>

<p>There is no way we can chance you this early, sorry. Come back in a year or two</p>

<p>That's completely understandable.</p>

<p>way too early. However, keep up the good work.</p>