Where do I stand????

<p>I am a sophomore in a very small law based college prep high school with a block schedule.
In my Freshman year i received all A's taking Honors English, History, Geometry,Spanish 1 and 2 and phys. ed. </p>

<p>My sophomore year I am now going in to pre calculus and in AP World History and Honors English and will try hard for another 4.0. My school offers specialized law courses that we must take. ie. Criminal Law, Constitutional Law. I also plan to take many more AP classes. </p>

5 years of Tae Kwon Do
5 years Recreational Soccer
1 year Softball
1 year Yearbook<br>
Summer internship at Library
Many community service hours so far: plan to have 100 by senior year </p>

<p>How do I stack up and do you have any suggestions for what I should do in the next two years if i want to get into a UC or even Stanford.</p>