Where do I stand?

<p>I'm really anxious about the college process in general, and at my school everyone basically goes to Bowling Green, Kent, or OSU, with a few variations. I don't really want to stay in Ohio, but I also don't know where I stand with the out-of-state schools I'm interested in. Help would be much appreciated!
I live on an island with a high school of literally 3 people, where everyone either commutes to a vocational school or stays there and sometimes commutes to do post-secondary courses at a community college. I decided to commute to a school virtually just across the lake, which involves getting up at 5:30 to catch a ferry, and then taking the bus to school.
My school is in a very small town and not very competitive at all; no AP courses are offered, just a slim variety of honors and dual-credit courses through the University of Findlay.
I’ve taken the most rigorous courseload possible at my school, but I’m worried that (even though they’re not offered), the lack of Aps and honors will weaken my transcript.
4.2ish weighted GPA
2/42ish, really small class/school
ACT Composite: 31
English: 34
Reading: 35
Math: 26
Science: 28
Writing: 32
(Can you what my strengths/weaknesses are :) ?)</p>

<p>I’ve played softball all four years of high school, varsity and lettering 10-12, sophomore year I was Most Improved Player.
Freshman year (and about six years prior to that) I was captain of a dance drill team, we received various honors at a statewide competition. I was also in choir that year, therefore participated in our annual choir show and earned my letter. (I also have activity and academic letters.)
Key Club 11-12
FL Club 9-12
NHS 10-12, Vice President 12
Cabaret (annual band/choir show) audio manager 10-12
Stage Crew 11-12
Yearbook 12</p>

<p>I have worked at my family’s seasonal restaurant six months a year for three years, prior to that I had a part-time summer job.
Assisted in the organization and execution of a Mini-Golf charity event for the American Diabetes Association.
Most Outstanding Achievement in sophomore US History, random other academic awards/honors that aren’t especially significant.</p>

<p>My transcript should be pretty strong aside from what I mentioned before, and I’m thinking about playing up my commuter situation (how many people can say they live on an island, that might set me apart). However, my Ecs seem “weak” compared to the superhuman feats of the people on this board. Granted, I understand that this group of people is different anyway and I shouldn’t compare myself to this, but it’s intimidating. </p>

<p>Is it crazy for me to apply to Northwestern and WashU??? Even though both are basically tied as my first choice?</p>

<p>Your resume looks great, I would apply to both schools, they are within your range. I would try to fall in love with a 3rd school with lesser admission standards as insurance.</p>

<p>I second that. Both school are within your range. Do write about your working experience in a positive manner. It is reagrded as a good EC by many top colleges. I presume that you are in Ohio. Oberlin would be a good match as well. Best of luck.</p>

<p>So you live on that island thing right above Sandusky?</p>