Where do I view scores?

<p>My status has changed to "tested", but where on the website do I actually see my composite score??? I haven't received an email or anything yet either......</p>

<p>The scores still aren't out on the website yet.</p>

<p>any clue when they will be?</p>

<p>1am eastern time.</p>

<p>It says "Multiple-choice scores from this test date will be first posted online beginning November 8 through December 23, 2011." From past experience, they are ususally available on the first date they say (even with writing). So I would expect sometime tomorrow. :)</p>

<p>Everyone says you'll be able to view your scores by 12AM central time. So we have about another hour to kill.</p>

<p>I am getting so sleepy, dunno if I can last a whole 'nother hour... but I MUST SEE THEM! My girlfriend said she'd check them and text them to me, but it's not the same.</p>