Where do I write self-studied APs?

<p>I was filling in the application for UC berkeley, and I can't find where I'm supposed to report my self-studied AP scores. There are spaces where I can write the courses I took for AP, but what if I didn't take any?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance :)</p>

<p>You report the scores just as you would if you have taken the AP class.
If you've never taken an AP class then just don't list any classes as AP.</p>

<p>They are somewhat independent. </p>

<p>Courses in hs that are AP prep are reported because they earn a grade, count to your gpa, and count towards the extra points for honors and AP classes in the UC GPA. You do not have to actually sit for the AP exam, these are just hs courses that are evaluated for your application. </p>

<p>Passing the AP exam would allow you to use that status to gain UC units towards graduation, to satisfy pre-requisite requirements for certain Cal classes without taking the pre-req course in Berkeley, but they do NOT require that you took a hs prep course for that exam. If you are able to register and take the AP test, those results can be listed unconnected with any hs classes. </p>

<p>Admissions readers would look at everything in your application when determining whether to offer you admission to Cal, both coursework and standardized test results. you should list those AP test results because they show initiative, desire to study outside the bounds of official classwork in hs, and show academic potential (assuming you earn a 3 or higher). </p>

<p>You list hs classes including any AP prep classes in the coursework section. you list standardized tests e.g. AP results in the test results section.</p>

<p>AP tests can be used against certain admissions requirements. It is probably common for native speakers of a language other than English to take the AP test, get a 5, and use that to satisfy the admission requirement without having to take the third or higher level of the language in high school.</p>