Where do people pop pimples in college?

<p>Do you guys do it in the communal bathrooms???</p>

<p>I'm sorry...what?!?</p>

<p>I didn't expect this question. haha</p>

<p>That's a good question.</p>

<p>Honest response- I had a 5 foot mirror in my room (left over, and stuck to the wall from the previous people who lived there).</p>

<p>Batllo- nearly everyone gets pimples. Doesn't mean they all need to go to a dermatologist.</p>

<p>This site....</p>

<p>do it in the shower?</p>

<p>How many pimples do you anticipate having to pop?</p>

<p>Get a tiny mirror and pop it when your roommate's not around.</p>

<p>Just find a time where you won't see anyone like late night or early morning, and pop it. That's what I would do.</p>

<p>Try not to pop 'em though.</p>

<p>You're not supposed to pop pimples. It'll only make them worse...</p>

<p>Attention to Shazami. You don't pop your zits/pimples. Doing so just spreads the bacteria over more areas of your face resulting in time, ultimately, of more zits/pimples, etc. </p>

<p>Instead try to take measures that will reduce and ultimately eliminate your zit/pimple problems so that you have fewer to little zits/pimples to pop!</p>

<p>I agree with siemprecuriosa and nastypolitician on this one....</p>

<p>I just came back from my skin doctor to get rid of old acne scars and a "dent" on my forehead. There would've been no need for me to go to the skin doctor if I didn't pop my pimples or squeeze the hell out of them.....</p>

<p>Did the skin doctor get rid of your scars?^^</p>

<p>i might have the same issue lol. It only damn proactive worked.</p>

<p>god I have so many scars on my upper back from acne. No facial scars though!</p>

<p>Accutane kinda killed all the acne I had.</p>

<p>they do it behind the school gym or underneath the football field bleachers</p>

<p>i usually announce to the class that i have a pimple and ask if anyone would like to do the honors of popping it for me.</p>

<p>but really, don't pop your pimples.</p>

<p>"Where do people pop pimples in college?"</p>

<p>Are people now going out of their way to attempt to create the most retarded thread on CC?</p>

<p>jasonInNy, I can only get 50% of the treatment done since I'm doing it in Korea and can't stay here for an additional 2 months. However, it got rid of a lot of acne scars on my cheeks and elsewhere. Still a working progress for my "dent" though it got a lot better. Overall, I'm happy with the results since my face got a lot cleaner but upset I can't get a 100% result due to my early departure. </p>

<p>FYI, I'm doing a vitamin and laser treatment. The laser hurts like a @#*#& and you wouldn't want to walk outside in the public cause your face is red as a strawberry and it burns for a while. In Korea a lot of people do it so it's nothing new when you walk on the streets with a strawberry colored face. It probably costs a lot more in the States too so yeah... If you need any "work" done on your face I recommend you coming to Korea since it's cheap and you get a good result in the end. A reason why plastic surgery is also big and a lot of people elsewhere come to Korea for plastic surgery.</p>