Where do we meet for CalSO?

<p>my CalSO is coming up--where do we go in the morning when we first arrive?</p>

<p>and are we supposed to get an email confirmation? because i dont ever recall getting one...
also, this might be random, and i know we're staying in dorms, but do we need to bring a sleeping bag? just asking...</p>

<p>You should have recieved an e-mail telling you what you need to bring and where to meet.
You do not need a sleeping bag</p>

<p>my email for tomorrow's CalSO says Unit 3, Ida Sproul Hall Main Lunge, 7:30 AM.</p>

<p>^I lived in that building, it's the best :) Only building from all the dorms to have a view of sf bay and the golden gate, try to check it out.</p>