where do you get psat practice tests?

<p>Where can I get actual PSAT practice tests? I have old SAT tests if someone wants to trade.</p>


I doubt you will find any in computer file form (like pdf)
They are only 3 bucks each on college board store, if you want.
Unless you're outside the US</p>

<p>yeah collegeboard sells them</p>

<p>You call the collegeboard.</p>

<p>There's an old thread about this question, which includes the number. Search for College Board released PSATs or something and it should come up. You can also search for the posts of "xiggi" because he was one of the people to provide the information on CC originally. You could also search for my id and look through my old posts because I posted the number at one point; I just don't have easy access to the info right now.</p>