Where do you have family? What do you Speak (language)

<p>I was reading around, and I started to talk about Family and such...and instead of spamming other threads that have nothing to pertain to the matter I decided I would Make a Separate Thread.
The Object of this thread is to find out where your family (not necessarily you parents...ancestors) is from...and where you have family...and what languages do you speak.
I DO NOT WANT YOU STATING THE LANGUAGE YOU ARE TAKING IN SCHOOL NOW UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY SPEAK IT WELL.... Meaning you can have a full fledge conversation, you don't have to pass as a native but I don't want you thinking you can live in Mexico and be in Spanish III....you get the idea...
its ok if you're a boring person (jk...) and the farthest relative you have from you lives down the street...but I'm interested in some of your backgrounds and responses.
If you're going to name cities, name the most popular metropolitan name... I don't think many people know obscure cities that are overshadowed by the metro or larger city... </p>

<p>I'll start off:
i have Family:
Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Midland, Michigan
Spokane, WA
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Monterey, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
Chihuahua, Mexico
Parral, Mexico
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Tampico, Mexico
( I have so many relative in Mexico I'm stopping cause I don't even remember where, I don't even know half of them)
Bangkok, Thailand (I think)
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong, SAR
Xiamen, China
Taipei, Taiwan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila, Philippines
Cebu, Philippines
Tacloban, Philippines (one again I'm going to stop...I don't know half my relatives here and They're all spread out)
Somewhere in Indonesia...LOL</p>

<p>I speak Mandarin, Spanish, and English...

<p>Your turn?</p>

<p>I have family:</p>

<p>New York
Bangalore, India</p>

<p>I speak: English (native), Kannada (native), Hindi (fairly limited, though I can have a decent conversation), Spanish (taken for many years, conversation is more or less secondhand)</p>

<p>London, England
San Diego, CA
Canada (can't remember where)
Taipei, Taiwan
Kaoshiung, Taiwan
and a bunch of other cities from Taiwan. </p>

<p>and i have a bunch of obscure relatives we lost contact with when my grandpa fled from the commies in China during the war. </p>

<p>Mandarin and English. i want to learn Latin though !
i understand basic Taiwanese. Can read most Japanese.</p>

Hong Kong</p>

<p>I speak Cantonese (1st language), Mandarin, and English (my best language)</p>

<p>I wanna speak English with a British accent though...XD</p>

<p>and chaimex,
what ethnicity are u?</p>

<p>I have family in:
Los Angeles, CA
Reno, Nevada
Taipei, Taiwan (some other cities too, can't remember)
Chicago, IL
Miami, Florida

<p>I speak English (duh) and Mandarin Chinese (conversational, mostly). I'm learning spanish in school, hopefully will study abroad and actually learn it well sometime soon</p>

<p>Family in:
New York
New Jersey
South Carolina
and some random ancestors in Canada, Ireland and Romania.</p>

<p>I speak english.</p>

<p>The family I know of, lives all in the same city, except for two cousins who study in another city. I have some relatives in southern germany, but I've met them about once. Although I've never met them, and never will, at least in theory I have relatives in sweden and the united states. </p>

<p>I speak German, Low German, English and a bit of spanish. I can understand French and Latin more or less.</p>

<p>I have family in:
New York
Los Angeles
New Jersey
Inchon, Korea
Seoul, Korea
Texas (and maybe Arizona?)

<p>I speak Korean (native), English (primary), Spanish (6 years?), American Sign (3 years), and, I don't know if its worth mentioning, but Japanese (2 years) and French (self study and a 101 and 102 class at CC).</p>

<p>I have family in:
New York (the Bronx)
Rockland County, New York
New Jersey, New York
Albany, New York
Orlando, Florida
Puerto Rico
Panama City, Panama
Guayaquil, Ecuador
There's more places but we don't know where, because my mom's father left when she was little, and she didn't get to know about his family.</p>

<p>My parents speak Spanish and English, and I speak English and a little Spanish half taught by my grandmothers and half from school. I'll get there one day...</p>

<p>New Jersey (where I live)
New York
Xinhui, Guangdong, China (I was born there)</p>

<p>Cantonese, mandarin and English</p>


<p>English.. Mandarin</p>


well short and the the point, half Mexican and Half Chinese...
My grandma is Chinese born Filipino, so i understand much of the Filipino culture. Most of my Family in the Philippines is Chinese, but i have non blood related uncles and aunts and what not.
I supposedly have Chinese relatives in Thailand, and I know for a fact that I do in Malaysia. My Grandpa who was born in China, fled from the commies and then came here where he met my grandmother. So as a result I still have PRC relative and ROC relatives.
My grandma's father was half Indonesian half Chinese (as was adopted by Chinese parents) so I do have family in Indonesia i do not know. My grandma's mother was also from Xiamen, so I do have relatives there.
My mother is Mexican, her mother was like half native American and half Spaniard...but I know nothing other then that. My Mother's father I don't know too much about either.</p>

<p>Beijing, China
Harbin, China
Heilongjiang, China</p>

<p>English, Mandarin</p>

<p>I have family in:</p>

<p>Canada (where I was born)
London, England
Birmingham, England
Manchester, England
Rome, Italy
Milan, Italy
Amsterdam, Holland
Someplace in Sweden

<p>My family's from Somalia, but due to civil war and other things, we've fled.
I speak English, obviously, Somali, have a fairly good understanding of French, know a TINY TINY TINY bit of Hindi (lots of Indian friends), and some Italian.</p>

<p>Wow I feel boring. </p>

<p>Boston, MA
Bridgewater, MA
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Juan, PR
And somewhere in Ireland</p>

<p>I speak English. That's it. Boring, I know, especially when half my family can't speak English so I just...don't talk to them.</p>

Los Angeles area

<p>Probably more places but I'm not in close relations with any of my family and therefore wouldn't know.</p>

<p>I speak English and have taken five years of French. C'est </p>

<p>All the major cities in China that I've visited. My grandma had 9 siblings... :)</p>

<p>Mandarin, English. I could survive in a Spanish speaking country too, I think. If I came upon nice people.</p>

<p>a2npersuas2n: i speak english with a british accent. it's nice cuz you always have an ice breaker, but sometimes it gets old explaining your accent 29824793279 times a day. especially when you have a new school. i never really know what to say when people squeal "it's SOOO COOL!" i just kind of grin awkwardly.</p>

<p>New Jersey (other than my immediate family)
New York
Cebu, Philippines
Manila, Philippines</p>

<p>The first language I ever learned was Tagalog. However, my parents began using English at home so I would speak it more fluently at school, so now I can only understand most of what is said to me in it. I still refer to certain objects in Tagalog though.</p>