Where do you like traveling to the most?

What’s ur fav State or country to travel too?

My fav state to Travel too is Arizona & Nevada! why do i Love traveling to these states?

well because it’s The only states i’ve actually ever traveled to lmfaooo. but I do plan on visiting other states some days, like kansas, texas & michigan. i plan On traveling there because ever since i was 6 I’ve always planned on visiting kansas for some weird Reason to be honest I don’t even know why but My godmother lives there and She told me it’s so nice over here and the sky looks so beautiful (because i love Taking pics of the sunrise & sunsets). I also plan on visiting texas because of The snow. the snow looks so beautiful and yeah that’s just The only reason why i guess LOLL, lastly michigan. i plan to visit Michgan a little later in life, but what i’m going for is the winter weather!! and also because my friend moved over there last year and he told me that it’s really beautiful over there. and also well i Miss my friend soo muchh!! not really a lot of reasons why but these are only a few lmao. I love traveling to Arizona because my family lives over There and i love to visit them during the summertime! also Because during the fall the weather over there feels incredible, not a lot of reasons why I love Traveling to arizona because i Haven’t been there since 2017. and alsoo, I love traveling to nevada because well there’s obviously one thing There, LAS VEGAS!! i Love walking the strip with my family and just being there with them in general, i love Getting on the big apple Rollercoaster that’s over by new york New york. Last time i’ve ever been too vegas was in march, it’s one thing everyone should have on their bucket list.

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sounds cool :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@JOURNALS-RETTACY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: