Where does a 760 on math IIC stand?

<p>Please help me out.</p>

<p>I'm a junior and got a 760 on the math sat level 2. I'm okay with this score although my goal was a 770, which i could've gotten only if i didn't guess on several of the questions =&lt;/p>

<p>The seniors in my school are telling me to retake because its good to show "improvement." I'm really confused right now. My first choice are NYU Stern and Michigan, should I ????</p>


<p>If you retake it , I believe you should be sure that you get an 800. A 760 shows great talent for math already, and also shows that you have the potential for an 800. I don't think it would make a big deal to colleges.</p>

<p>don't waste your time retaking. unless you really haev nothing to do and you can guarantee an 800 haha.</p>

<p>If you feel that you can get an 800, then by all means retake the exam.</p>

<p>Ahhh But I Have Sat To Worry About
Damn It Screw This
I Was Only .25 Pts Away From 770
Why Did I Guess

<p>I got 760 in SAT2 math test that I took in this May.</p>

<p>How is 760?</p>

<p>770+ Math 2 score is preferred, usually even 800.</p>

<p>If it was Math 1 then it would've been fine.</p>