Where does one go look to see if a school is need aware of need-blind for admission?

<p>Specifically for transfers...for example, schools that I'm curious about would be Reed (I heard it is aware), Connecticut College (I THINK they are also need-aware, not sure), Furman, Sewanee, Rhodes, and/or Macalester..</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help</p>

<p>Try this:</p>

<p>Need-blind</a> admission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Does it also matter if they meet need? Few of the LACs at this level do.</p>

<p>For transfers, your best bet is to call the individual schools. Transfer admissions is a whole different ball game than freshmen admissions. (At many schools transfers (and internationals) are the exception to need blind/ meets full need policies). Some colleges are looking exclusively for full pay transfers. Other colleges will accept students with financial need, but simply don't have the funds available to meet full need. </p>

<p>Have you seen the transfer forum on this site?</p>