Where else are you applying....

<p>Guys...what are we going to do if we don't get in to Princeton. We SURELY cannot break up this party, so we will need to find a new school of obsession.</p>

<p>My other top schools: Georgetown, Harvard, Haverford (yes, random), Dartmouth, Trinity....and many more.</p>

<p>Anyone else applying to these schools?</p>

<p>i'm not applying to any of them, as I took dartmouth off my list last week</p>

<p>here are my other top choices now</p>

<li>Yale (haha, silly Yale)</li>
<li>Brown (I'm not an ivy whore i swear)</li>

<p>based on my school's statistics I can't see me not getting into one of them. if i dont'....then life sucks</p>

<p>yeah, i don't believe in safety schools either.</p>

<p>just apply to a bunch, and hopefully you get in to one.</p>

<p>i can go on the record to say i despise swarthmore, i don't care what adcoms are on here!</p>

<p>For me, short and sweet:
1. Yale
2. Amherst and/or Williams
3. UVa
4. Bob Jones University ;)</p>

<p>ilcap - reasons would be nice...</p>

<p>oh, they are US news ranking whores.</p>

<p>every contact i have ever had with them has been frustrating...they even offered me a fee waiver so that i would stop interrogating them and their admissions selection tactics.</p>

<p>take a look at swarthmore's % in top 10% figures, as compared to the other top LACs. a liberal arts college is supposed to be a place that accepts a diverse student body, how can a place like swarthmore have any form of diversity if they are unwilling to even look at a student who does not rank within those bounds. in my case, where my rank is not indicative of courses taken at college, i am ultimately barred from acceptance because of this triviality. i asked them to please provide me with accurate figures, amongst other things, and they continued to beat aroudn the bush. i finally gave up, and fell in love with haverford.</p>


<li>UCLA / UC Berkeley / UC SD</li>
<li>Boston College</li>

<p>UVA, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Chicago, then maybe Rice or Williams.</p>

<p>Yale, UPenn, Harvard, Stanford, NYU, USC, and UT-Austin.</p>

<p>Let's not break up the party just yet. The magic will last for another month yet!</p>

<p>watch half of us end up on the Yale board next month, heh. (<--pessimism)</p>

<p>Lol! I hope not, but I could definitely see that happening. Hmmm...were I deferred, would I stay or go to other boards? Ahh, yes, that is the question, it seems...</p>

<p>well, you'd want to meet some people from other colleges, too (probablement). I know I would. But not yet....not yet.</p>

<p>Yeah, but I don't think I could put as much energy into those as I've put into this board. That'd be a lot of people to get to know, haha. But as you said, not yet. I'll hold on to the dream while it lasts :)</p>

<p>Haha, you know, it's almost like "seeing other people." Breaking up with Princeton would be so hard to do ;) But yeah, I guess we'd need our "space."</p>

<p>lol @ phil...yeah, I know what you mean.</p>


<p>All Ivies
Boston University


<p>guys, guys - what's with all the pessimism? - "breaking up", "moving to the Yale boards"....shakes head...we haven't even gotten in yet, and you're already planning on not going...still shaking head...You'll miss out on the coffee if you keep up this attitude :)</p>