Where else did you apply besides GWU?

<p>I'm just wondering what other colleges you have applied to besides GWU</p>

<p>BU and Northeastern.</p>

<p>My son applied to Michigan (got into), Fordham (got into), BU, BC, Northeastern, Vanderbilt, Villanova and UMiami ( the last 6 he hasn't heard back from yet) but he is attending GW.</p>

<p>My S applied to:
UNC-Chapel Hill (accepted EA)
Georgetown - (EA deferred)
Yale - RD
Stanford - RD
Princeton - RD
GW - RD</p>

<p>Georgetown (accepted EA)
American - RD</p>

<p>penn, udel, umdcp, nova, neu, usc, providence, st. johns</p>

<p>columbia, cornell, penn, bu, bc, gw, neu, rutgers, binghamton</p>

<p>University of Maryland: College Park (still applying)
American University (Accepted, deferred)</p>

<p>University of Arizona (accepted), McGill (accepted), GWU, American, WUSTL, and Brown :)</p>

<p>^thought I saw you on the Georgetown thread as well.</p>

<p>Besides GWU, D applied to Tufts, BC, BU, Georgetown, American, and Pitt.</p>

<p>Accepted at Pitt (honors college with scholarship) deferred EA at BC and G-town. Anxiously awaiting April 1.</p>

<p>Oh yeah I applied to Georgetown, I forgot :)</p>

<p>My d. applied to</p>

<p>Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Duke, U Chicago, Tufts, Trinity, Reed, U Maryland (just accepted there for Honors). Waiting on all the rest.</p>

<p>My D applied to Colgate, Dickinson, Duke, Elon, Georgetown, Gettysburg, Hopkins, Stanford, U Penn, Rochester, UVA, Wash U, William and Mary, and Washington and Lee.</p>

<p>Columbia (ED-rejected), Brown, U Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Georgetown, UC-Berkeley, Macalester, William and Mary, Boston U, American, UW-Madison. The only place I've heard back from besides Columbia yet is Wisconsin (accepted).</p>

<p>Planning on applying to:</p>

<p>Georgetown EA,Tufts, U Pitt (in state safety),GW,NYU,American,Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>Son applied to:
BC (accepted EA)
Villanova (accepted EA)
ND (deferred EA)
GU (deferred EA)
Binghamton (accepted RD)
Still waiting- GW, UDel</p>

<p>son applied:</p>

<p>UofUT - accepted
USNA - appointment
USMA - appointment
USAFA - appointment
BC - dunno yet
Notre Dame - dunno yet
GW -accepted
UNC Chapel Hill - declined</p>

<p>When did he get his acceptanceletter from GW and what school did he apply to?</p>

<p>Waiting on: Claremont McKenna, Pomona, Georgetown</p>

<p>Accepted at: Northeastern, U Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan State, U Arizona</p>

<p>hey fa-la-la-lena - my d. has a lot of overlaps with you - she's also applied to Claremont, Pomona and GW. I thought I'd seen you on some other forums</p>